When advertising through Facebook, you want to know exactly how your money is being spent and what your ROI is. Facebook is now letting us drill down further with testing so we can see which portions of our advertising dollars are getting us the best return!

Learning how to Split Test your Facebook ads will help you allocate your advertising budget accordingly, understand exactly what’s working best, what really isn’t working at all, and how to structure your campaigns better in the future.

What’s a Split Test?

Essentially, a Split Test is A/B testing in Facebook ads where two elements of your campaign are tested against each other. This allows marketers to analyze and determine which ad is delivering the best results.

Advertisers can run two kinds of split tests:

  • A/B Test – two ad sets
  • A/B/C Test – three ad sets

We suggest testing 2-3 ad sets with different delivery strategies to see which gives you the best results!

How does Split Testing work?

Members of your audience are randomly divided into non-overlapping groups and are shown ad sets with identical creative. Each ad set has one distinct difference, also called a variable. Your test variable can either be different audience types, or different ad delivery optimization methods. You can also choose to split budget and reach evenly across ad sets, or weight one heavier than the others.

You can currently test three business objectives:

  1. Increasing website conversions
  2. Pushing mobile app installs
  3. Lead generation for your business

Creating variables is easy

Create multiple ad sets to understand how different ad set strategies impact your ad performance. The split test gives you a clear understanding of the results with:

  • No audience overlap: your potential reach will be randomized and split among ad sets to ensure an accurate test
  • Single variable test: the ad sets will be identical except for the variable you want to test
  • Test results notifications: you’ll get an email and notification with the results when the test is over

split-test-facebook-adsChoose the type of ad set you’d like to use based on your business objectives! Then, select which variables you want to test:

  • Target audience: test how different audience targeting strategies compare
  • Delivery optimization: test how different optimization strategies compare and choose how ads will be delivered and to which people, all based on what you’re trying to achieve.
  • Placements: test how different placement strategies compare

You can only test one variable at a time within a campaign, so make sure you choose the one that’s most relevant to your business objectives. The success of each ad set, measured by your campaign objective, will be recorded and compared. The best performing ad set will win.

After the test is complete, you’ll get a notification email containing the results. These insights can be used to design your next campaign, test new variables next time, and push your ad strategy to the next level!

Learn more about split-testing with Facebook Business HERE.

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