G-TECH is a leading, women-owned, WBENC-certified recruitment and staffing firm driven to help their team members and clients succeed.

From start to finish, the G-TECH project was a pleasure to work on. An extremely professional company in all aspects, with their eye on the prize and a streamlined approach to processes, G-TECH’s website build was nothing short of extraordinary.

Custom Website Design & Development

The build for G-TECH was designed to complete a few main goals for the company. The new G-TECH website would highlight their company culture, clients, and placement, as well as assist in lead capture.

G-TECH required a platform that would be easy to update so they could quickly provide resources to potential recruits interested in finding their next dream job.

TM immediately set out integrating their current internal systems to provide job searching and listing information to job seekers, as well as ensuring the website was completely SEO-friendly and responsive.

Gorgeous Design

Designing a clean and modern website was paramount to G-TECH’s success, since the website houses a large amount of content and information. Keeping UX top of mind, we utilized white space and a lighter color palette to keep the site clean and easy to navigate by any viewer.

G-TECH’s clean, easy to navigate home page.

To provide users multiple ways to find certain sections and feel comfortable going through the application process, we designed each section of the new website with a clearly defined purpose. By doing this, navigation would never become confusing. The design also visually conveys how culturally diverse G-TECH is as a company, as well as the industries that they serve.

Veterans | Diversity + Inclusion

Everything from the color palette to the illustrated icons are simple and straight-forward. This creates a beautifully clean and modern look throughout the entire site.

Custom Infographic Design

To visually represent G-TECH’s recruiting and onboarding processes, we detailed each step via a custom infographic design.

G-TECH’s 5 step onboarding process.
infographic of gtech process
G-TECH’s 5 step recruiting process.

Custom Development

In order to create and organize a massive database of information for easy recruitment and job placement, the team at TM pulled available job opening data from G-TECH’s external feed. Using that information, we generated job listing pages on the new website.

Next, we used the feed to generate a dynamic map of each state where available jobs have been listed. To help Google understand what each job posting is, we also utilized Google’s new job microdata type.

Find a job by Type or Location.

In order to make the job finding process easier for potential applicants, filters were built so job data can be sorted by:

  • Category
  • City
  • State
  • Job Title

Final Touches

The finishing touches of G-TECH’s website build included a few little pieces that we consider the cherry on top!

  • Company History Timeline: A custom integrated timeline that visually displays each important point in G-TECH’s company history
  • FAQ Page: A uniquely built FAQ page template
  • Smooth sticky headers that play well with sticky sidebars (view here)
  • Hours of browser-compatibility work, which means the website displays in all major browsers including IE11+
  • Several custom page layouts with reusable “sections” (view here)

The remainder of G-TECH’s build was completed under an aggressive timeline. Since launch, we’ve monitored the site speed and performance and we’re proud to report that it receives a:

  • 97/100 on Pingdom (Google Analytics scripts prohibit it from being 100/100)

G-TECH Pingdom Score

TLDR; the site is boss through and through.

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