It seems that many people have forgotten a few truly important business practices that should be the foundation and backbone of a company:

  1. Ethics
  2. Knowledge
  3. Work Ethic

We recently received this submission from a Mr. Krunal Patel:

Google AdWords Tests
We received this submission via the Contact page on our website.

There are three main things I’d like to say about this email.

  1. First of all, our AdWords certifications (yes I meant to type the plural form) aren’t expired. In fact, we just received some swag from Google for being a Google Partner and proudly displayed it in our Conference Room!
  2. Secondly, I’m not sure what’s more appalling: that a “service” like this is out there or that they would truly think legitimate SEO’s would want someone taking their AdWords, Analytics, Bing, or HubSpot exams for them… especially us.You’ll notice immediately that they do not offer the Facebook Advertising certification. Why? When you take the Facebook Advertising exam, it’s just like any other college exam taken online. They lock your computer, utilize your webcam and require proof that you are who you say you are. The other certifications listed unfortunately do not require such validation.
  3. Last, and I really feel like I need to mention this, we usually wouldn’t put someone on blast like this. However, for the sake of our clients, good business ethics, and helping people truly understand how to find quality services with people who are educated and honest, we decided writing this post was the right thing to do.

We’re Proud of Our Knowledge

This is no secret. Here at TM we employ people from all walks of life and educational backgrounds. We have development whizzes that are completely self-taught and others with multiple degrees. We constantly attend industry webinars, seminars, and speak at PubCon every year.

Our About Us page reflects the pride in knowledge that we possess, and how we love teaching our clients how to be more successful online.

Google AdWords Tests

Now, we know that finding the right SEO, web developer, or social media advertiser isn’t an easy task. This isn’t your main focus- your own business is. How can you tell the difference between someone who’s blowing smoke and an agency that really knows their stuff?

Who’s Real & Who’s Not?

We visited Mr. Krunal Patel’s website so we could do a little digging and see exactly what was going on. Here are some of the key points detailed on the homepage.

Note: We would link to the website ourselves, but doing so would create a backlink. Google would then use this to consider his website in relevant search results. We refuse to be party to this, so we will not be linking to the site.

Google AdWords Tests
This is absolutely true. Holding Google AdWords and Analytics certifications do let your potential clients and current clients know that you are knowledgable and good at what you do.

The problem here is when someone has cheated the system by not taking their own tests. It’s clear that by opting for a non-ethical route, they do not have the right knowledge necessary to help you run successful Search, Display, Shopping or other campaigns!

Google AdWords Tests
You read that right. 2000 people from 50 different countries.

This number could represent 2000 individual people, but it could also include a mix of individuals who work for advertising agencies, digital agencies, freelance workers, and job seekers applying to their next position. The simple amount of misinformation that can be spread from this misrepresentation of qualifications is astounding.

It de-legitimizes those who have studied and worked hard to aquire their knowledge ethically. It creates distrust between client and agency, and amounts to Resentment Sales. This is a term that we’ve coined here at TM, but not one we’re happy about. Resentment Sales come to us when people have been burned by agencies in the past. We’ve had so many of these accounts come to us that we’ve represented it in our About Us section, too.

Google AdWords Tests

“I’ll take your test for you, because you don’t have time.”

I’m still not making this up.

don't have time to take adwords exam
This is the last Call To Action on the home page.

Let me tell you one thing with absolute certainty: when it comes to continuing education and gaining new knowledge, agencies that truly care about giving their clients the best services they can offer will always make time to do so.

We aren’t in this for quick fixes, black hat practices, or back door deals. We’re here to be your partner. We’re here to be better than we were yesterday, and we’ll never sell out in order to appear like we’re the best.

We already know that we are the best. We’re ready to prove that to you.

How Can I Tell If An Agency is Good?

The best way to tell if you’re choosing a reputable and knowledgeable agency is to start by educating yourself a little first. If you know nothing about SEO, Digital Marketing, or what to look for when choosing a web developer, it’s time to start learning a little something.

As they say, with knowledge comes great responsibility. It’s our responsibility to house as much internal knowledge as we can so we can help you be successful online. But, it’s your responsibility to know enough about what your goals are that you can make informed decisions and tell the fakes from the real deal.

Google AdWords Tests
This is a screenshot of my personal AdWords Certifications.

If you ever need any help, or you’ve been burned in the past, contact us. We’re ready to be your partner.

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