Thinking about a Website Redesign?

Your site is running great, but it’s not getting the results you want. What’s the problem? As technology advances, users are accustomed to a streamlined web experience. Your site could be lacking compared to competitors and might benefit from a redesign. Let’s run through common reasons to invest in a website redesign.

1. Are your user engagement metrics low?

Review your site metrics in Google Analytics. You want to look for your:

  • Bounce rate
  • Avg. session duration &
  • Pages per session

When looking at your bounce rate, it’s important to judge your bounce rate based on the type of page. For blogs and news articles, it’s acceptable to have a high bounce rate. Users are searching for a specific answer and read through your blog to satisfy their query. If you’re wondering how users are responding to your blog content, using the avg. session duration can help you understand if users are remaining on your blog page long enough to read the content.

Your services pages are a different story. If you have a high bounce rate on your homepage and service pages, users are not finding what they are looking for when landing on these pages.

Before completely redesigning your site, you can try different methods to help users have an easier time converting. But you can only do so much. If your site is older and using out of date technology, users might just not find it appealing enough to stay compared to competitors.

Pro Tip: What’s a “good” bounce rate? Every site is different, but generally, it’s acceptable for landing pages to have 70-90% bounce rate, lead generation 30%-50%, and content sites 40%-60%. Remember, a high bounce rate is fine if you want users to come to your page, do one thing and then leave (like landing pages). But if users are coming to landing pages and not converting, that’s when your landing page is ineffective and your bounce rate reflects that.

website redesign
Bounce Rate can be a confusing so Kissmetrics made a great infographic explaining the metric!

How Can You Decrease Your Bounce Rate with a Website Redesign?

  • Enhance readability.
    • Format your content properly. Use the appropriate headings and break up large blocks of content.
  • Make sure your CTAs (call to action) are obvious.
    • If users are bouncing, then they might not understand what they are supposed to do once they reach your page.

2. Is your site navigation complicated and confusing?

The most important thing about your site is your customers’ ability to use it properly. Convoluted and confusing navigation is detrimental to usability, but many sites make these common navigational mistakes.

Common Navigation Mistakes a Website Redesign Can Fix

  • Too many options
    • Navigation should be limited to 7 items.
  • Navigation text is generic
    • The link text should blatantly tell the user where they are going when they click on it.
  • Poor categorization
    • You have an easy-to-use navigation structure. But as users go through your site, it’s hard to find what they are looking for because your products and services are not in the right places.
  • Multiple primary navigation areas
    • Keep your navigation focused with one primary nav location, usually the header.

Your site’s usability is the most important aspect of your web presence. There are always opportunities to add better content and graphics without a complete redesign, but if usability is hindered in your navigation, it’s essential to redesign your site’s hierarchy.

website redesign
UI Labs combined primary, secondary, and tertiary navigation, creating a muddled nav bar.

In the above example, the website has a primary navigation with secondary and tertiary navigation inside its main navigation through a drop down. There is also a little aesthetic distinction between the main nav, secondary, and tertiary. They are all the same color and style. This is a confusing way to structure a navigation bar.

Possibly doing some UI/UX testing will give you some really helpful feedback on how actual visitors are using your site? You’d be surprised at what those results will say.

3. Are you changing your content strategy?

Content is used to persuade users to convert, take action on your site, or educate hoping to turn them into customers. It’s the most powerful tool on your website, so if you’re changing content strategies, the site should display content in the most optimal way possible.

Usually, the most underutilized portion of content is a blog. Redesigning a blog to tap into unused potential is a great choice. If a considerable amount of time is going to be spent on writing, the blog should reflect your content goals.

Blog Redesign: Where to Start

The foundation of a blog is what’s behind the scenes: URL schemes, categories, functionality, reporting etc. These are all things that will affect the user experience but is sometimes overlooked. When redesigning a blog, follow these foundation guidelines:

  • URLs should be human-readable and accurately reflect your blog categorization.
    • I don’t like to have years in my blog URLs since that can make them appear dated, even if the content is still relevant.
  • Decide what the KPIs are of your blog, before the redesign.
    • Your redesign should be built around what you want your blog to do. Every aspect of the redesign should push users to convert.
  • Split your blogs up to into recognizable categories and have accurate search functionality.

After ensuring the underlining blog foundation is solid, move onto the graphic elements. Are those images properly optimized for weight and have correct, relevant alt tags? These should also be focused on what the end goal of the blog is. (again providing good content)

Website Redesign Conclusions

As websites become sleeker with emerging technology, the more users will be used to seeing impressive website design, including your competitors. Don’t wait until you fall behind to redesign your site. If you’re having any of the above issues, contact us or view our redesign projects.

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