Affiliate marketing requires little work on the advertiser’s part compared to other marketing channels, but can still yield high returns. This makes affiliate marketing an intriguing prospect for brands and a great opportunity for affiliates. If you haven’t run an affiliate marketing program before as an advertiser or brand, ensure you follow the best practices to get the most out of your affiliate marketers.

Give Clear Directions in Your Program Terms

Your program terms are the backbone of your affiliates’ campaigns. These terms determine how your affiliates can and cannot promote your brand. It’s important to include more than just your commission structure. What should you include in your Terms?

Internal Marketing

Are you running your own PPC campaigns or any other marketing campaigns?

If the answer is yes, you should consider how your affiliates advertise your products or services. You control the types of marketing channels they use including AdWords. Maybe you want to control the keywords they are bidding on? It’s all possible in your program terms. Just like you can limit PPC, you can also limit any traffic sources like Social, Email. etc.

Pro Tip: Fill out your merchant profile completely including your geo-targeting (countries you will accept traffic from), what categories your product should be included in, descriptions of your company, etc when setting up your program terms.

Reward Lucrative Publishers & Keep Your Affiliates Engaged

Exclusive Coupons & Contests

When you start to see one publisher stand out of group and provide a large chunk of your revenue, it’s important to feed that relationship. All your affiliates should get adequate attention, but your most successful publishers benefit from special promotions or coupon codes for their site. They are already receiving steady traffic to their affiliate sites, so consider offering them an exclusive coupon code in exchange for their successful affiliate marketing.

The more you motivate affiliates the more they will sell for you.

There are many ways to motivate affiliates like opening up coupon programs to all affiliates, creating incentive programs, or running contests. Contests usually involve rewarding publishers with more commission or cash for publishers with the most sales or revenue generated. Or you can create an incentive program like a tiered commission program: if publishers reach a certain threshold of sales their commission goes up, etc.

Be Responsive to Your Affiliates

If your affiliates reach out you, make sure you respond and check your messages. Some affiliates even run their own promos, especially during the holidays, and will ask you to participate. You can miss these opportunities if you don’t communicate with publishers.

Ensure you pay attention to your pending publisher applications. You can recruit the publishers you want to promote your products, but they can also apply to your affiliate program.

Vet their affiliate site and review their sales history.

If they seem like a good fit, approve their application. You will miss pending applications if you don’t make it a point to check publisher statuses.

Refresh Your Ads & Gauge Performance

Give publishers a range of ads to choose from – like banner ads, product feeds and text ads. When creating your banner ads, keep your creative consistent with your brand. Also make sure the messaging is simple and effective. If you haven’t changed your ads in awhile, don’t be afraid to test new banner ads against older styles. Banner ads need to be in certain dimensions to fit different areas of the webpage. Some of the common dimensions are:

  • 300×250 – Medium Rectangle
  • 180×150 – Rectangle
  • 728×90 – Leaderboard
  • 300×600 – Half Page
  • 120×60 – Button 2

Affiliate marketing can be overwhelming due to the large networks of publishers and types of marketing affiliates participate in. Contact us if you’re interested in affiliate campaign management or comment with any questions!

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