Have you ever had an angry customer post a negative review on your Facebook Business Page, or write a nasty comment? You can’t delete the review and you can’t hide the comment. What are your options?

There are a few easy steps you can take in order to make a wrong right. In fact, you might just create a new fan!

1.  You must respond

Transparency is king. No matter what the the message is, positive or negative, it’s imperative that you respond in a timely manner. Ignoring a negative review or post tends to indicate that you don’t care, aren’t on top of things, or that you’re trying to avoid the issue. 

Always remember to respond to the original post. By doing this, it’ll show your audience that you care and they can draw their own conclusions from that point forward. Showing that you care about people’s opinions and their (potentially) hurt feelings is valuable.

Those review stars make a difference. Have you ever been to a Facebook Business Page with a low rating? How did that make you feel about the business automatically? How many times did you actually dig in to that rating to see what the problems may be, or did you just take it at face value?

Respond kindly, respond quickly, and be as positive as you can!

2. Be patient 

If you have a disgruntled customer, take a moment to put yourself in your their shoes. How could they, or how do they feel? How do they perceive their issue in regards to their comment or review? You are obviously closer to your industry than your customers and understand more, but that can be a disadvantage for you too.

Remember that a simple apology or kind response can go a long way. Make their experience better from that point on. It just might change their opinion of you or your company – for the better! 

3. Contact people privately

If you’re dealing with a negative review, post, or public comment, it’s best to be speedy in your acknowledgement. Be simple and to the point. Make sure they understand that you want to resolve the issue!

Go one step further and provide a direct line to contact you or your customer care manager. Offer them something to make up for the problem and show your appreciation for their feedback. This shows again how much you care about them! Make it right and you just might gain a new loyal customer!

4. Revise post or review

Once you’ve established contact and resolved the issue, if the interaction has become positive – ask them to repost their review! Showing that there has been a resolution and acceptance on both sides of the fence is priceless.

If you’ve truly remedied the situation, many times people go ahead and do this on their own. They might post to the original thread expressing their happiness in your mutual resolution and that’s the best thing you could hope for! But, make sure you thank them again for their business – always be kind and courteous! Going one step further is always a good thing when it comes to client relations and reputation management.

5. Your last resort

We now live in a society of immediate gratification. We also unfortunately live in a society full of internet trolls. Our policy is to never delete a post or remove a person unless they are causing harm, telling lies, or have proven to just be a major PITA.

However, if you’ve taken all of the proper initiatives to resolve the issue, and someone is incessantly subjecting your staff and community members to abuse – you’re completely in the right. You can block or ban certain individuals from your pages. Just remember – transparency is king!

If you have any questions about reputation management, feel free to reach out to us at any time!

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Posted by Retail Software

Navigate to your Facebook company page review section. It should be on the left hand, under the profile image of your company. Find the review you want to contest and there will be three dots and an exclamation box in the top right corner of that individual review box.

Posted on August 19, 2019 at 6:25 am

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