If you’ve begun writing content for your website, no doubt you’ve realized what a large job it truly is. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed at first but taking it one step at a time, little by little, we guarantee you’ll get through it!

While there are many copywriting tips to share when writing content for your website, here are 5 things you should definitely put on your B2B home page.

Offers/Vital Info Above the Fold

The B2B buying cycle involves nurturing so you should have a free demo or some way for customers to see what your product is.

Make sure this offer is easy to find and prominently placed on your homepage. The most action usually occurs above the fold, so that is where your free offer should go.


On this homepage they should swap positions of their “Watch Demo” and “Free Trial” CTAs. They are not taking advantage of above the fold real estate. It would be better if they put both those buttons side-by-side with contrasting colors.


Social Proof

Place your social proof (case studies, success stories, testimonials etc.) on the homepage.

This doesn’t need to include all of your your social proof content, but definitely the most compelling in order to capture users attention.

Make sure the social proof you’ve chosen is not static. Users don’t want to see case studies from 5 years ago, they want to see relevant data that they can apply to their business now.

UX Design

Make your homepage easy-to-use for the user. B2B sites don’t need to rely on images as much as B2C. Rather, they rely on quality content and ease of offer access.

The most important thing to remember is to craft a clear conversion path. If there is copy that talks about a free trial, a button for a free trial should logically be close to the copy.

This applies also to having multiple actions on one page. Make sure there is a clear distinction between each CTA and users are led to each conversion step easily and in logical order.

Clear CTAs

Your Call-to-Actions should be the most basic and clearest element on the homepage. There should be no confusion on what you want the user to do.

Tips for making your CTAs stand out: keep the CTA short and use action verbiage and use contrasting colors on your buttons.

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Write Copy For the User

Avoid buzzwords and jargon that could hinder users from understanding your product.

This is much easier if you developed your buyer persona. Use language your buyer persona would use and understand.

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Other Important Notes

  • Your website MUST be mobile friendly, which goes beyond being responsive. It must be easy to use on small screens.
  • Make sure your site is optimized using modern SEO practices. It’s great to have a pretty site, but if no one finds your site you wont generate as many leads.
  • Think about investing in a secure site. The internet landscape is moving towards security for every site regardless of it the site takes payment or not.

As always, Contact Us if you have more questions! We’re always here to help.

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