Paid social has many ways to reach the perfect user with a high likelihood to convert. In 2017, all social channels are implementing additional strategies to help advertisers reach the best audiences. There’s something for everyone including ecommerce, local, and app solutions.

Here are the 5 paid social features you need to start taking advantage of for new customer acquisition.


1. Targeting for Dynamic Product Ads Include Customer Acquisition Audience

Previously, Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs) were only for remarketing to users who had visited your site, collected through Facebook’s pixel. Now, Facebook is rolling out a broad audience feature for DPAs.

This means you’re able to target an audience based on demographics like age, gender, and location, regardless of if they visited your site or not. Facebook then tries to serve your ads to people that fall under these demographics that would be interested in your products.

This broad audience option gives advertisers the ability to use DPAs for new customer acquisition, instead of being limited to past site visitors. DPAs will still be available for retargeting; advertisers now have two options for audiences: retargeting or broad audiences.

Facebook hasn’t rolled out broad audiences for DPAs to every advertiser yet so if you don’t see that option you’re not alone.

Example of a dynamic product ad

2. Take Advantage of Facebook Videos with Mid-Roll Ads

It was only a matter of time before Facebook implemented this moneymaking strategy. Videos on Facebook will soon include mid-roll advertisements after the 20 second mark on videos at least 90 seconds long.

Facebook’s VP of Partnerships, Dan Rose, said last year that Facebook planned to incorporate ads early in 2017, so presumably this quarter. Facebook will make a profit by keeping 45% revenue and the advertiser keeping 55%, which is YouTube’s exact profit model.

3. Drive In-Store Sales with Hyper Local Mobile Ads

Last June, Facebook announced the ability to drive users to brick and mortar stores. Now, Facebook is going to allow local businesses to use custom DPAs to drive local traffic.

Before, local businesses used general ads to display their products at every location, but now Facebook is able to customize product price and availability based on each brick and mortar location. If companies want to run a nationwide campaign they will be able to display products and prices only relevant to each store.


4. Snapchat Offering Ecommerce Targeting, But Will It Help Businesses Engage

Snapchat is going to offer ecommerce targeting based on what users buy outside of the platform. Through Oracle Data Cloud, third party data, Snapchat will receive info on user purchases, which will then be options for targeting through their ads.

Hopefully, this will help brands advertising on Snapchat. According to ClickZ, brands are struggling to produce content for Snapchat ads, with active brands down to 67% in October 2016, from 70% in January 2016.


5. Send Traffic to the App Store with Promoted Pins

Pinterest recently added a new type of Promoted Pin to their advertising options. Advertisers can market apps through a Promoted Pin that sends users straight to the app store to download. Currently, it’s only available for iOS, but with plans for Android coming soon.

This is an easy opportunity for advertisers to guide interested users into deeper engagement with brand content. Advertisers can target audiences like their existing app user base or retarget.

Example of a promoted pin for apps
Install apps straight from Pinterest.

Now, set your advertising goals and get social! Contact us to start implementing these features in your social strategy.

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