Meet Leonard. AKA LeoNerd.

He needs a date for Valentine’s Day. Naturally he came to us for help!

LeoNerd Himself!

You could say that we’re basically relationship experts at TM and with our track record, we’re happy to help a guy in need. You see, we’ve been in love with (and totally committed to, mind you) Web Design for over 18 years. It’s lasted through sickness and health, and definitely for richer or poorer! Thankfully nobody’s dead yet, so that’s a win.

Per standard procedure, we took Leonard through our intake process and initial client interview. Understanding a client’s wants and needs, as well as setting attainable goals and realistic expectations, is integral to the success of every project.

By the end of our interview we realized how intelligent, nerdtastic and cuddly as a panda bear Leonard is and couldn’t wait to get started!

Step 1: The Website

Because we have total confidence that Leonard is perfect boyfriend material, we purchased the perfect domain name ( and created the perfect website to highlight his most dashing qualities.

loveDisclaimer: No one was injured during the selfie-while-driving photoshoot.

LeoNerd’s Stacked Stats

  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Dreamy Hazel
  • Height: 6 foot, on the dot
  • Weight: 252lbs of panda bear <3
  • Astrological Sign: Taurus
  • #RelationshipGoals: Find someone to spend my life with.
  • #PersonalGoals: Either to change the world, or conquer it.
  • Wants kids: Yes.
  • Has kids: None I’m aware of?
  • Transportation for dates: I own a car, ladies.
  • Rent or own: I rent an apartment, ladies.
  • Interests: Video games, coding, memes, recreational sports, walks to the video store, playing video games with friends, dogs, cats, really any animals with fur…

Step 2: AdWords

How else did you think we were going to promote Leonard? We’re AdWords experts and our faith and trust in Google is absolute.

After deciding that simplicity is perfection (like Leonard), we dove right in and created a “Date Leonard” campaign, an Ad group called “leonard” with one corresponding ad. Ad specifications and targeting included:

  • Geographic location: Detroit, Michigan DMA & Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Gender: The ad will show only to women
  • Interests: Gaming or Technology
  • Age ranges: 18-24 & 25-34
  • Display: Exclusively on mobile (they need to be tech savvy, remember?)
  • Cost Per Click (CPC): $0.10 max bid
  • Daily (ballin’ on a) budget: $5.00


Anywhere from 1-500 women per day will be eligible to see the ad and visit Subsequently, 1-500 women per day will also be eligible for a chance to date him. It’s science.

We made sure that our Google Analytics and Google AdWords accounts were linked, to ensure conversions are tracked properly and we can monitor web traffic accurately. No campaign would be successful without proper tracking measures in place!

Step 3: Monitor, Maintain & Report

Unsurprisingly, the moment we turned on Leonard’s campaign results began coming in. Leonard’s website traffic immediately rose and we’re anxiously awaiting our first interested caller!


We’ll monitor and maintain our AdWords campaign and diligently track results while our dedicated Relationship Management team painstakingly vets each lead as they come through the pipeline.

When we’ve gathered enough data, we’ll compile a report and present the final product to Leonard- just in time for Valentine’s Day!

It’s a foolproof plan.


Stay tuned for more!

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