We sat down with our Creative Director, Tyler Fraser, to ask about a newer and growing portion of our business: UX & Design.

A relatively new practice, many UX Designers find themselves thrust into the field simply out of necessity. Yet, helping create better user experiences from start to finish online, and bringing inspiration from the outside world in, is quite a technical art form.

For UX & Design the future is bright and full of possibilities – especially for our clients.

What exactly is UX?

User experience (UX) is any emotion or feeling someone gets from interacting with something. The actual experience they have, the encounter… that is user experience.

UX Design is mastering that feeling, that experience, and putting it together to create the best possible results. This doesn’t stop with the web, it’s not just something that happens online- it happens with anyone encountering anything.

Recently, Tyler took a trip to Scotland and spent much of his time traveling the country by foot. While walking from street to street, and visiting both urban and rural towns, he noticed that much of the signage was consistently and clearly branded. No matter where he went, be it north or south, directional, city, and construction signage was the same. It created a cohesive, comfortable user experience that most would be hard pressed to even notice.

This is no different then what we’re creating online – in fact, it’s one and the same. UX spans every single medium we know and are familiar with today, and all of it is interconnected.

How Can UX Help Our Clients?

UX is important for our clients because it dictates whether they’re going to be successful or not. If you’ve put  together a bad experience for any user, they’re less likely to interact or even spent time with your website.

This means they’re probably not going to convert, which means you’ve failed completely with your online goals.

What is a common UX Problem?

Often it’s too much about the pretty pictures and not so much about the experience itself. It’s really easy to put up a big beautiful photo right away with some cool words, but if users don’t know where to go next or don’t understand what they’re clicking on, where the other pages are or how to contact you you’re missing some real key steps there.

Personalizing an experience for your target audience is really important and often overlooked.

What’s the Future of UX?

The future of UX is way beyond the screen, at least beyond the screen as we know it now. With the advent of virtual reality (VR), which is really exciting, we’ve opened up more doors for user experience.

Take, for example, a store front. You lay that out for a specific audience, because you already know who’s going to walk through the door. However, VR is an experience that’s way more accessible to larger volumes and different types of people. More people will be touched by VR than a brick-and-mortar storefront.

With VR, the possibilities are endless.

Stay tuned for more and use the hashtag #TylerTalks to ask Tyler questions via Twitter!


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