TM is excited to announce that, MS In African Americans: Detroit Patient Outreach has officially launched!

Wayne State University’s Department of Neurology partnered with Trademark Productions to develop a fun and interactive website to educate the public about Multiple Sclerosis (MS) within the African American community.

When Wayne State University selected TM to develop their site, we were honored to say the least. There’s nothing better than working on a project we know will benefit thousands of individuals and be an educational resource for individuals living with MS in the Detroit region.


Detroit Medical Center Multiple Sclerosis Clinic

Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic disease of the central nervous system, affecting mostly young people between the ages of 15 and 45 years old.

Preliminary studies have shown that this autoimmune disease may affect African Americans more seriously.

Recognized nationally and internationally for its patient care and cutting-edge research, the Detroit Medical Center Multiple Sclerosis Clinic was founded by Omar A. Khan, M.D., and is the largest African American MS Clinic in the United States. The center dedicates time and considerable research efforts to investigate the role of genetics and treatment of African American MS patients, with a special interest in pediatric MS.

Developing an Enriching Learning Center

Knowing this, and knowing that the purpose of the website is to educate and inform, TM understood that Wayne State University needed a website that was warm and inviting but also demanded attention. Nothing garners attention better than bold colors with contrasting elements, so we used just that. The finished website features rustic orange and warm blue hues, with eye-popping text.

Acting mainly as an educational resource, TM also needed to ensure the site would be fun and interactive. We created a wide variety of Calls-to-Action’s, which encourage visitors to learn, ask questions, participate in surveys, and take interactive, colorful quizzes.

Center of MS Awareness: The Knowledge Center


The website is an exceptional resource for African American’s with Multiple Sclerosis. The Knowledge Center is perhaps the key component of the website, with 4 sections in which users can learn and explore.

The website also highlights a News & Events section, and provides individuals with additional resources including an elaborate FAQ-type page appropriately titled “Top 100 MS Questions.

Multiple Sclerosis 101

MS_101Learn what Multiple Sclerosis is and its most common symptoms. Understand the difference between healthy and damaged nerve cells, as well as the various types of MS.

At the end of this segment is a glossary of sorts, defining keywords related to MS.

MRI’s and MS

While many people know what an MRI is, they may understand precisely how one works. MRI’s and MS explains what an MRI is, how it works, why it’s important in diagnosing and managing MS.

You can also learn the difference between a normal brain and a brain with MS, the loss of brain volume in MS patients, contrast enhancement in MS, and brain lesions associated with MS.

Neurology Center 101

label_the_brainThe especially helpful portion of the website helps users to learn and understand about the brain, spinal cord, and optic nerves.

The brain labeled, and each part of the brain’s functions are listed out. There’s a brain labeling quiz for visitors to test how well they’ve retained what they’ve learned.

After the quiz, WSU covers basic neurology, defining the inner-workings of the brain, labeling a neuron, and offers another colorful quiz on neurons.

African American MS

Having a special interest in cases of MS in African Americans, this section details how MS cases in African Americans differ from the rest of the population, how their MS tends to be more aggressive, and how they may not respond as well to therapy.

Thank You, Wayne State University!

We are so happy to have worked with WSU on this project, and we’re excited to watch this important website continue to grow into an important educational resource and support tool for African American’s with MS.

There’s nothing more satisfying than working on and completing a project that is going to be beneficial to so many.

Thank you, Wayne State, for giving us this opportunity and we look forward to continue strengthening our relationship and doing our part to help and support Detroit’s MS community.

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