Google has been making a huge push for website owners to pay attention to their mobile websites for over the last year. Even if you haven’t been paying attention, or you don’t care about Google rankings for some strange reason, it’s time to start coming up to speed. Literally… your website’s mobile speed is now more important than ever.

It has long been reported by Google that 50%, or more, of website traffic is coming from mobile devices.  Chances are, if you’re looking for something online, the first thing you do is reach for your phone. In fact, Google’s data shows that people look at their phones over 150 times per day! (I don’t feel so bad about my bad mobile usage habits now.)


People are likely to reach for their phone or tablet while searching for your company’s product or service, regardless of the business that you’re in. This is information we’ve seen substantiated in our clients’ analytics accounts. Their Google Analytics trends over the last few years prove this incoming data isn’t just a posturing tactic by Google.

Mobile Speed A New Ranking Factor

In 2015 Google made a clear stand on the importance of responsive websites. Penalties would be enforced, intended to effect websites that weren’t mobile-friendly and decrease the number of times those websites were to be shown in mobile search results. Website results were even denoted with “mobile-friendly” so users would know where the best user-experience would be delivered.

Now, in typical Google fashion, things have been escalated again. It was announced last week that websites which aren’t fast enough on mobile will begin to be penalized.

Since one of Google’s top objectives is to ensure only the best quality websites are delivered to search users, they aim to make sure their website recommendations are great too. It’s no longer acceptable to only have a mobile-friendly site; it needs to load quickly for people on-the-go.

Even though Google stated mobile speed, “isn’t currently a ranking factor” but “soon may be,” I can tell you that in Google-ese, this means “Get your s*** together. We’re coming soon.”

I’ll state now, with a high-level of certainty, that Google will be cracking down on mobile speed in the coming months. So, it’s probably important to pay attention to now instead of waiting and trying to dig yourself out of a Google penalty hole.

Google’s Mobile Speed Testing Tool

Don’t believe me yet? Consider this: just one day after making the announcement at a search summit in Sydney, (another part of the Google world) a blog was miraculously posted outlining Google’s new mobile testing tool. Coincidence? Probably not.

Google’s “new” mobile testing tool isn’t really new, but combines other tools that already existed into one handy interface for the layman to use. It’s a prettier interface on the PageSpeed Insights tool that has been around and used by us at TM for a long time.

The signs are clear. Pay attention to your website’s mobile site speed now, or you’ll be behind the eight ball by year-end. Head over to one of the testing tools above, check your site speed, and contact us if you’re in desperate need of help.

If your website still isn’t even mobile-friendly, you’re way behind and probably losing half or more of your internet traffic. Give us a ring right away to get this fixed.

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