The power of social media advertising is vast and our clients are beginning to harness it. As with any new business or advertising endeavor, trying out something new has brought up a myriad of questions!

In this Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Advertising series we’ll teach you everything you need to know to confidently get started with your campaigns. First stop, Ad Creative.

Branding & Messaging

Before we jump in to the really fun stuff like ad copywriting and ad images, we have to lay some ground rules. Making sure your branding and messaging are in place is the first step to creating a successful Facebook Advertising campaign.


As with any type of marketing or advertising you’ll do for your business, when creating a Facebook Ad you need to make sure that your ad’s creative is consistent with your company’s branding. It’s important to keep your branding consistent when creating your Facebook Ads because your brand is what builds trust with your consumers. Your brand tells people what to think and feel about your company. If you aren’t keeping that consistent, you’ll be sending them mixed signals.

Your brand guidelines will dictate the type of image you choose to use, as well as what’s written in your ad copy. Your branding is made up of your company’s name, your company’s design, symbols or other features that make your business distinct from others.



Your brand’s messaging will also serve as a reminder to your target audience as to why your company is different from its competition, and why they should accept your offer or click on your ad. It tells who you are, what you do, how you’re different, and what your promise is (what you deliver) to your consumer.

When you’ve clearly defined your brand’s messaging, anyone that’s writing ad copy for your campaigns will know exactly what to say about your company, the proper tone to say it in, as well as phrases or words they shouldn’t say. Take a moment to really think about what your ad’s copy should say. Write it down, create a few different versions- whatever you need to do to figure out the best way to present your messaging.

Facebook Ad Copywriting

One of the best things about Facebook Advertisements is that, when they’re placed in the News Feed, they generally don’t look like advertisements. This makes them much more user friendly and more likely to be clicked on.

Your ad copy is very important because what’s written in your ad is what’s going to compel people to actually click on your ad! People are hesitant to click on links they think will not deliver them any benefit, so you have to capture their attention right away and entice them to immediate action.

In order to create captivating ad copy, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind:


  1. You only have 500 characters of ad text available to get your message across, before Facebook automatically hides the rest and people will have to click “see more” to read the rest.
  2. Your Ad’s headline is the place people’s eyes are automatically going to go to, after your ad image.
  3. If you have an offer or discount, definitely put it in your ad’s headline
  4. Your link description only shows in a person’s desktop newsfeed, so keep that in mind when you’re writing your copy.
  5. If you have a website, it’s great to put your website’s URL in to the “display link” portion. This link isn’t clickable, but your ad image is! (more on that below)
  6. Don’t forget your Call-To-Action (CTA) button! Ads with a CTA button have higher conversion rates than those that don’t; it’s a no-brainer to include one!

Facebook Ad Images

One of the most important things you’ll need to know when choosing your ad image is that Facebook ad images can only contain 20% text! When you submit your ad for review, Facebook will analyze your creative and if they decide your ad contains more than 20% text, they’ll decline your ad.


Why? Facebook wants to keep the platform as social media friendly as possible. Think about it- why do you have a personal Facebook? You want to keep up with your family and your friends, right? You don’t go to Facebook excited about all of the ads you’re potentially going to be shown that day, and Facebook wants to make sure you keep coming back again and again. It’s because of this that there are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when it comes to your ad images:

  1. Create images for your ad that have people in them. Facebook is a social site and people that see your ads are accustomed to, you guessed it, seeing people in their News Feeds!
  2. Ads that have women, specifically ones that are smiling or making eye contact with you, tend to have higher conversion rates. Don’t ask us why, it’s the data that’s telling us so!
  3. Cool, calm colors like blues and greens tend to perform better than loud colors like red when used in ad creative.

Pro Tip

Your Facebook’s ad image is clickable. But, you should always add a CTA button on your ad to tell people what action you want them to take. You should definitely utilize this if you aren’t using a CTA button on the ad itself. People like things to be made simple for them- if you tell them to “Click Here” they’re much more likely to actually click, than if you say nothing at all.


Stay tuned for MORE in next week’s edition! Facebook Advertising 101: Ad Targeting!


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