You’re busy- you have a million things to do, all of which are written down on various sticky notes, pieces of scrap paper and in the planner that you rarely use. Have you ever contemplated writing down “get organized” on your make shift to-do list? If so, its time to laugh it off, take a step back and get your sh*t together, because a business can’t run efficiently if its unorganized. Luckily for you, there has been countless of other people who have felt the same need to be productive and efficient- and many of those people have built apps! So, grab your smart phone and start downloading, find out which apps work best for you, you’re business and you’re lifestyle. Here are our recommendations of the top productivity apps for business. Oh, and if you haven’t already, check out these productivity apps too!

1. Wunderlist

The ultimate to-do list app. Wunderlist is a super useful app that will allow you to manage the everyday tasks in your life. It is a great app for task management, especially with team members. We use Wunderlist in our office everyday and it works marvels! You can create lists, assign tasks, share tasks, set due dates, comment back and forth and it even alerts you of new activity. You can also manage tasks across devices, from desktop to smart phone and tablet.

2. 30/30

This app is all about the 30/30 rule- and it works! If you’re struggling to accomplish a task, give it your full attention for 30 minutes, then take a 30-minute break to refocus, and repeat! The 30/30 app uses that rule to help you with time management and accomplish even the most daunting tasks.

3. CamCard

There’s not a businessmen (or businesswomen) in the world that couldn’t benefit from this app. Business cards are an important part of networking and client meetings, but the question remains, what are you supposed to do with your stack full of business cards? This app solves that problem. Simple take a picture of a business card and CamCard automatically adds the information to your phone contacts. Plus, it allows you to easily exchange electronic business cards when necessary. Say goodbye to that box of pesky business cards on your desk.

4. GoToMeeting

Shame on you if you’re a business owner and don’t know about GoToMeeting yet! This app allows you to hold private conference calls or video calls from your desktop, smartphone or tablet. And it even allows you to share screens, which is especially useful.

5. Timeful

This app is all about prioritizing your time in a way that makes sense. Your events, to-dos and good habits all appear on a simplistic, color-coded daily calendar. Timeful is helpful too, the apps advanced algorithms will make suggestions on how to use your time wisely for varying tasks.

6. GeniusScan

This genius app (literally, it’s a genius) turns your smart phone into a pocket scanner. Say goodbye to pesky, expensive, large scanners. You can quickly scan your documents on the go and export as JPEG or multipage PDF files- how awesome is that?

7. Trello

This app is perfect for the visually inclined individual. Trello lets you see everything at a glance, organized in a fun, colorful and inviting layout. It is perfect for team collaboration, big projects and organizing tasks. The best thing about Trello? Its completely flexible, you can create the parameters- add checklists, labels and due dates. And as with the best of the best apps, Trello works wherever you are by integrating with iPhone, iPad, Android phones, tablets and even watches.

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