It’s Super Bowl Time!

In the festive spirit of the upcoming 2015 Super Bowl XLIX Sunday, February 1st with kickoff at 6:30pm EST on NBC, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 All-Time Super Bowl Fails throughout the last few years. Laced with a heavy dose of sarcasm (at least for the first few picks) it’s a list of fails none of us could possibly forget. Enjoy!

#10 Super Bowl XLV

When Christina Aguilera butchered a portion of our National Anthem, changing “O’er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming?” to “What so proudly we watched at the twilight’s last gleaming.” [:51 mark] No big deal, Christina. It’s just our nation’s most important song sung in front of the 100,000+ people in attendance and millions watching live.

#9 Super Bowl XLVIII

JCPenny thought they were cute and drunk tweeted during the game. To cover up their faux pas they then resorted to blaming it on a pair of bulky mittens. It’s okay JCPenny, we know your dirty little secret now!


#8 Super Bowl XLVIII

Disgusting, Clorox


When Clorox tried a real-time promo tweet and just ended up grossing everyone out! Thanks, a lot Clorox. Now we don’t want to eat all these delicious Super Bowl treats! #BlowOut #ToiletBowl #Gross


#7 Super Bowl XXXVIII

This is the devastating Super Bowl catastrophe when Janet Jackson caused the Carolina Panthers to lose to the New England Patriots 32 – 29. Children all across the country were also scarred for life by her “wardrobe malfunction.” Initially, CBS was fined $550,000 for the incident but the ruling was later overturned. MTV, which also produced the halftime show for Super Bowl XXXV, didn’t fare so well and was banned from ever producing another halftime show.

Janet Jackson Wardrobe Malfunction

#6 Super Bowl XLVII

The infamous Super Bowl Blackout, caused by the very device installed to prevent such an incident. When the stadium and TV watchers screens went black, conspiracy theories quickly spread. Including a little of everything, from the Illuminati to a very vocal Terrell Suggs blaming Roger Goodell for cheating in order to give the 49ers a better chance at winning. We still like the Illuminati idea so we’re going to stick with that.

The Blackout

#5 Super Bowl XLVIII

When Floyd Mayweather blew up the Internet when he lost (or didn’t lose) $10.4Million betting the Broncos would win… Shortly after the Super Bowl ended, Mayweather took to Twitter to try and negate the rumors and verify they were indeed just that – rumors. Nothing like making the entire Twittersphere think about boxing instead of football.

Mayweather bets $10.4 million

#4 Super Bowl XIII

(Cue the sad music for these last few)
Cowboys Darrell Smith was wide open in the end zone and dropped the ball (literally). “He has got to be the sickest man in America,” the announcer mused. Some call it the worst drop in Super Bowl history. We’ll let you decide…

#3 Super Bowl XLVI

New England Patriots receiver Wes Welker dropped a pass against the New York Giants giving the Giants a chance to reset and run 88 yards, solidifying a 21-17 win. With tears in his eyes at the post game press conference Welker said, “It’s a play I’ve made a thousand times, and at the biggest moment of my life I don’t come up with it.”

#2 Super Bowl XLII

Arizona Cardinals throw an interception to James Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steelers, allowing him to score a 100-yard touchdown. The Steelers defeated the Cardinals 27-23, becoming the first ever team to win six Super Bowls.

#1 Super Bowl XXV

Scott Norwood missed the most important 47-yard field goal of his career. The Buffalo Bills were down 19-20 against the New York Giants as Norwood attempted the kick with 8 seconds left. With Adam Linger on the snap, field goal attempt goes wide.
Chosen to be the #1 (and most heartbreaking) Super Bowl fails of all time, this loss marked the fourth straight Super Bowl loss for The Bills. It did, however give birth to the plot of Ace Ventura- Pet Detective, so not all is lost. Laces Out!

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