Sunday’s big game has everyone picking sides and analyzing both players and coaches. [6:30pm EST on NBC]

We’ve kicked off the debate with an analysis between Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll and New England Patriot’s head coach Bill Belichick, arguably two of the best coaches in all of football history. Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson vs Patriots Tom Brady go head to head next. While Brady and Belichick (on paper) look to be superior, neither Pete Carroll nor Russell Wilson can be counted out.

On paper, we’re always going to look inferior. But when the odds are against us and everyone counts us out, we find a way to win” states Seattle Seahawks fan Amanda Pike, “Why us? Why NOT us? The Seahawks are real, gritty players who are NOT perfect (unlike America’s sweetheart Tom Brady). But watching them play is unlike watching any other sport – there’s a feeling of electricity and excitement in the air.

During Super Bowl XLIX it’s clear anything can happen, so don’t blink!

Super Bowl XLIX



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