Two years have passed since Marc Bogoff, founder of Stockyard, served his first dinner in Pontiac, MI. Since then, news of Stockyard’s cuisine has spread through Metro Detroit like wildfire. In a 2013 article, Deadline Detroit writer Lauren Davies stated, “Marc Bogoff might be the best chef you’ve never heard of.” Fast-forward to the present day, and Bogoff is a giant in the Detroit culinary industry, his passion, and artfulness apparent in every handcrafted dish. Having spent time under Art Smith in Chicago, Bogoff’s drive to nurture Stockyard in Detroit is simple: “I wanted to bring remarkable food back to the place I grew up.”


Stockyard’s Supper Club quickly became a popular concept in 2014; diverse, impeccably served meals hosted at varying urban locations. Each dinner treats guests to a carefully designed five-course meal with the menu decided only days in advance. “It simply how I prefer to work,” mused Bogoff “I’ll go to the market and pick the freshest ingredients- whatever inspires me, I’ll create.” In addition to an unknown menu, each event location is kept a secret, shared only at a time of purchase to those expected to be in attendance.

The natural progression of expansion became the now-famous, Stockyard food truck. Serving artisan sandwiches, Bogoff spent most of 2014 hitting “every event imaginable” without a set schedule. Events and food truck appearances were announced on Instagram, sometimes only as they were happening, which enriched the air of mystery surrounding Stockyard. When asked what most contributed to Stockyard’s success, Bogoff stated that partnering with like-minded businesses sharing the same drive and ambition, such as Shinola and James Rigato- has really helped build a community of support. “In May, we’ll be hosting a dinner and James (owner of The Root Restaurant in White Lake, MI) is going to be our sommelier.”


Photo's courtesy of Stockyard's Instagram: @stockyard_detroit

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Posted by Joanne Novice

Your concept is so exciting! Can’t wait to try one of your secret dinners!

Posted on April 9, 2015 at 4:18 pm

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