Prior to the Internet, social media branding, your business was as easy as pasting a logo onto some marketing collateral and buying a few ads. In case you haven’t noticed things have since changed. Branding has grown to represent its own niche, with companies like Nike, Lululemon, and Apple creating teams of brand strategists to elevate their brand’s identity. Through branding, these companies, in particular, have been able to associate meaning with not only their products but also their image and values as a company. And what do all of these great brands have in common? Consistency.

As social channels grow in popularity, your brand has the opportunity to be seen on a variety of different sites and platforms. Maintaining brand consistency means conveying a uniform image on your website and across each of your social media channels.

By delivering the same exceptional experience to your customers at these various touch points, you are able to enhance brand loyalty, improve audience recall of your company and distinguish yourself from your competitors. Brand consistency reinforces your company’s unique story and gives you an opportunity to drastically improve your relationship with your customers.

In a previous article, Social Media Branding was defined as, “effectively communicating and establishing your brand’s online social identity in an effort to connect more closely with your target audience.”

Take a look at how Nike has displayed their brand’s logo, colors and voice similarly across various platforms. There’s a reason Nike is one of the most widely recognized brands in the world.

nike facebook
nike instagram
nike google plus
Google +

The Impact of Branding on Buyer Behavior

Believe it or not, Social Media Branding directly affects buyer behavior. According to a study conducted by Socialnomics, social media influences a shocking 93% of shoppers’ buying decisions.

Regardless of industry, social media has come to represent a specific piece of the buying cycle. Customers are visiting Facebook, Twitter and alike to engage and research the brands they are interested in, prior to making a purchase. Without conveying a consistent brand identity across all platforms, customers will inevitably lose interest.

So let’s cut to the chase: Your customers are searching for your brand on an increasing number of platforms. Without a cohesive online identity, you will inevitably send the wrong message. Ask yourself, what is it that you want your customer’s first impression to be of your brand?

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