Scratch & Sniff is now Available!

We’re so excited about this website update package that we can taste, er… smell it! Unfortunately, desktop is simply too outdated to handle such an advanced update and it’s applicable only for mobile. The good news is, these website updates are fully customizable to your business or industry. For example, if you own a floral shop, customers will be able to search through your different arrangements, scratch over one of their liking, and smell the exact aroma of their chosen bouquet. Own a restaurant? Pick an aroma that represents your most succulent dish. Be sure to change it up every now and then to give your customers a good idea of your offerings.

List of Suggested Aromas

Ed’s Laundry mat – Fresh Linens
Joe’s Coffee – Delectable espresso and dark roasted coffee bean or your shops ‘Brew of the Day’
Wilson’s Car Lot – Fresh Car Smell or our personal favorite, New Car Smell
Mandy’s Fragrance Counter – Hawaiian Hibiscus and Lavender Chamomile
Carries Cigar Bar- Aged Dominican tabacco
Lou’s Chocolate Shop- Rich creamy cocoa and sweet white chocolate
Closin’ Storage & Built-In Closets- Natural cedar and superior pine
Royal Landscaping- Organic fresh cut grass

Additional Perks

The Scratch & Sniff mobile website update is simply adding another level of customer satisfaction to the mix. Completely in line with Google’s Mobile Responsive update, it’ll also increase your website’s SEO value and subsequently raise your website on Google’s rankings.

Downside? What Downside?

Unfortunately, there may be some industries that adopt this cutting edge technology, such as General’s Waste Management company and the Composting Association of America. Just be cognizant of your Scratch & Sniff habits. You can’t take back a bad sniff!


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