A large portion of our clients have chosen to build their websites responsively over the last year, with a high percentage of older website builds also converting to keep up with the times and avoid Google’s penalties. While the majority of businesses have converted to being mobile-friendly, it’s important you understand exactly how you’re getting a return.

It’s strategic business decision to convert, after all, and no good business investment is completed without understanding its successes or failures.

3 Reasons to Switch to a Responsive Website

  1. Chances are you’ve never heard of the Treadmill Doctor. At least, I hadn’t. However, they’re a phenomenal example of tracking mobile goal increases and capitalizing on conversions after optimizing their website for mobile. The short story goes a little like this: Treadmill Doctor spent 6 months and $137,000 converting to a mobile-friendly design in 2014. The final tally? A 102.71% increase in mobile revenue at the end of one year. That’s the sweet spot, my friends!
  2. Next up: a company called Think Tank Photo that enjoyed a (more than) 188% revenue increase from Black Friday through Cyber Monday after making their website mobile friendly. In addition, their conversions via mobile increased over 96% and their page views increased 224% after the responsive implementation. 
  3. Last, and certainly not least, www.smartflourfoods.com, a gluten free pizza and bread retailer, enjoyed a 500% increase in inbound inquiries about their products. The ROI here, increased website traffic and greater product awareness in their local area. No additional information was provided in thiscase on the percentage revenue increase the heightened inquiries produced, which is a gentle reminder to remember to set specific goals, and track everything.

After converting to a responsive site design, you should be:

  • Enjoying a reduced bounce rate
  • Longer and higher frequency of page views/visits and
  • A higher rate of return visits.

If your site is easy to use via mobile, there’s no reason your customers shouldn’t return again and again. The next question is, “What should I be keeping my eye out for to ensure continued success and a better ROI?”

Responsive Websites Have Faster Page Speed

I sincerely hope the company that optimized your site for mobile was good at what they do. Research has shown that fast-responding mobile-friendly websites are making the big bucks. In fact, 40% of users abandon a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load via mobile and most consumers expect pages within 2 seconds. Add only 2 additional seconds to that load time, and 75% of people have already disengaged.

Call it the Mobile ADD movement, call it whatever you want. The bottom line, if you aren’t loading first, you’re last. On top of that, even if your website has been optimized for mobile but isn’t loading quickly, your conversions and ROI will drop just as quickly as your mobile visitors.

Now, on the flip side, if your web company is a rockstar and your page load speed is up to par, we may just be adding you to our list of success stories! Retaining that 75% of “5-second bouncers” – catching their eye simply by making it to your website and thereby receiving the opportunity to turn that page visit into a conversion- that’s what it’s all about.

That’s where your ROI starts to come in.

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