hacked-websitesWe’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: WordPress is a big deal. In fact, it’s the most widely used Content Management System out there! Because of its popularity and broad adoption, WordPress is incredibly feature rich while consistently maintaining a simplistic user interface. Since the community that surrounds WordPress is so expansive, WordPress and its many features are continuously progressing and evolving in order to keep users happy, and their software cutting-edge. In addition, quick turnaround in flaw fixes and de-bugging ensure the ease-of-use WordPress is famous for. Providing such a fast turnaround also means WordPress’ software, and over 37,000 available plugins, require fairly regular updates. With new changes constantly being implemented, updates are necessary for a number of reasons, including platform security. The WordPress community is quick to detect and correct any possible security exploits, but a website can only maintain full protection by staying current on all updates.

Two years ago, TM built a state-of-the-art, fully customized WordPress site for one of our clients. As always, in order to ensure websites are properly taken care of after launch we recommended a monthly maintenance retainer, but the client respectfully declined. For roughly a year, update after update was released, but these updates were never applied to the site. And, that’s when we received a frantic call- they’d been hacked! Not only did the security exploit become incredibly embarrassing for our client, it cost them a fair chunk of change to reverse the damage that had been done, and update the site properly.

Monitoring & Maintaining Your Website

Security isn’t the only reason your website needs to stay updated. WordPress updates come with more than security enhancements; they also have new features, increased usability, SEO, and mobile enhancements. Running an old version of WordPress can have a direct affect on usability, as well as your search engine rankings. With these things in mind, it only makes sense to maintain your WordPress site. Sure, sometimes updating your site requires just a few mouse clicks. But sometimes those innocent mouse clicks can turn into a big, technological disaster that could cost your business time and money. We’re guessing you’d rather spend your time on your business, and decide when and where you’re going to spend money. That’s why we’ve put together some WordPress Monitoring & Maintenance packages– so your site can stay updated and protected, while you focus on your business.

WordPress Monitoring & Maintenance Packages

wordpress update package

The Update Package includes:

Daily Website Monitoring: We understand you’re a busy business owner, so we’ll perform daily checks for minor updates and complete them automatically.

Bi-Weekly Scheduled Updates: All your software and plug-ins updated manually, ensuring you’re using the latest versions of each at all times. We’ll also test your website and plug-ins after each update, to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Critical Security Updates: Should the WordPress platform fall victim to a security exploit, your website will receive priority access to any updates released by WordPress in that event.

Quarterly Website Backup: A backup of your entire website, stored online for 15 days, to ensure your assets are properly secured.

wordpress monitoring

Our Website and SEO Monitoring package includes all of the features in the above Update Package, plus:

Monthly SEO Report: Every month you’ll receive a website performance report outlining our suggestions for website improvement.

Google Analytics & Google Webmaster Tools Check: Ensuring proper traffic reporting and conversion data as well as monitoring site messages or reported issues from Google.

Broken Link & Image Repair: Ensure all links and images are rendering properly. In the case of an issue, we’ll provide solutions for each issue individually.

Domain & SSL Monitoring: You’ll be notified of upcoming renewals well before it’s time, as well as the required processes to ensure your domain and SSL certifications never expire.

If you’re unsure which package is best suited for your needs, or you simply need additional information, don’t hesitate to call us at 248-582-9210!

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