Managing your WordPress website means more than just making it look good. True, aesthetics are important but as mentioned in a previous post, without a routine oil change your “engine” will inevitably leave you stranded. Metaphors aside, regularly monitoring and updating your website is crucial to its long-term success. Simply put, without regular technical maintenance, your website is unable to run smoothly and effectively for your users. Not to mention the very real threats presented by bugs and hackers. The functionality and success of your website is dependent on how well it’s maintained, monitored and updated.

Regular Maintenance Needed

Website Backups

A complete backup of your website’s files and database can save you a lot of headache in the future. If your database gets erased or hacked, there’s a good chance you could lose everything you’ve ever written. That includes every blog post, every comment and even links on your blog! Backups provide you security and peace of mind.

Bi-Weekly Updates

We cannot stress enough how important it is to keep your WordPress site current and up to date. Put simply, the performance, usability and functionality of your site will be significantly impacted if left untouched. What’s more, keeping your WordPress site up-to-date acts as a shield of defense against cyber attacks and website hackers. Every new update makes it more difficult for hackers to break your site.

Daily Security Monitoring

In some instances, when malware code has been inserted into your site, you might not notice anything dramatic right away unless you know what to look for. By monitoring your site on a daily basis you are better able to detect when things are out of the ordinary. And the sooner you are able to notice unusual activity, the sooner you will be able to take action to correct it before it affects the functionality, search engine rankings and overall performance of your site.

Monitoring Website Performance

Hundreds of ranking factors that come into play when determining how well your site will rank on search engines. However, with proper SEO in place and regular website maintenance you can greatly improve where your site shows up in SERP (Search Engine Results Pages).

Repairing Broken & Dead links

Broken links can wreak havoc on your website, creating a bad user experience – something Google isn’t fond of. Google has made it clear that when your site contains a lot of broken links, you will be penalized in search rankings. To ensure this doesn’t happen to your businesses website, you must complete a regular crawl of the site and compile a list of links that need to be fixed.
If you haven’t noticed yet, website maintenance is extremely important to any business. Your customers are looking for you online and your website has a big impact on how your company is perceived. A well-maintained website is crucial to attract, retain and maintain customers. When you leave your website doormat, you are inevitably putting your business at risk. If you need help managing and maintaining the health of your WordPress website, consider getting help from professional web developers. Take a look at our WordPress Maintenance Packages to see the level of monitoring that is right for your business!

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