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If you’re reading this, I’ll first congratulate you on being a student and applaud you! The best and brightest are constantly researching, digging a little deeper and fine-tuning their craft. Let’s get to it!

Creating original content is one of the best and most important things you can do. Why? Take it from The Man; little or no original content hinders your site’s ranking in Google search results. SEO, hello!

Use your own, unique ideas!

Using your unique ideas establishes you, or your company, as an authority in your industry. If you’re constantly using content from other sites or linking out, what’s going to keep your audience glued to your site? Why return time and time again if your audience can get information (that you’ve endorsed, by the way) elsewhere? Your own perspective and personality is what people are drawn to, embrace it!

Put a personal stamp on your content.

People love to read stories about other’s experiences. A personal touch makes your content more relatable and humanizes an otherwise run-of-the-mill post. Think about learning to ride a bike- why was it so much fun or so special? It wasn’t a neighbor or random individual teaching you the basic steps. It was your own father/mother, sister/brother, or grandma/grandpa holding the bicycle seat, running along beside you and yelling in joy when you pedaled those first few feet by yourself. I’m not half as special as your family, but you get the idea, right?

Evoke an emotional response from your audience.

We’ve heard many times that emotional marketing messages are twice as effective as promotional ones. Which emotions? Your aim can be to stimulate confidence, inspiration, happiness, action or change in to your audience. In doing so, you’re creating something others want to be part of. Your brand itself can even carry a message that will resonate with people.

Note: Other techniques include leveraging anger or sadness to drive action (think Sarah McLaughlin commercials) but that could be a risky road to walk down.

What To Do Next: Link to Social Media

  1. Make sure your blog or website is linked to your social media platforms. If these two aren’t connected, readers aren’t going to be able to share the original content you’ve worked so hard to create and your genius subsequently hits a dead end.
  2. Social sharing drives website traffic. You don’t want to miss easy website views (and potential sales) by forgetting to allow your content to be shared easily. We’ve written about creating sharable content before, so if you need a more in-depth look, read here!
  3. Produce, Reuse and Recycle! Use your original content to enhance your social media strategy. If you have a blog post that really performed well on Facebook, repurpose the content and create an Infographic for Pinterest! Here’s an example of some of ours: TM Infographics & Web Designs.

Create content that is insightful, educational and sharable. Make your blog or website a place of discovery, make it uniquely you and share your knowledge. If you do this, not only will your audience be rewarded with more useful information, you’ll be rewarded by their continued support as well. Happy writing!

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