We’re in a dimly lit room. A hunky guy approaches slowly and starts a conversation:
“Hey girl, come here often? What do you do for work?”
“Yes, I live here. And, I’m a copywriter.”
“Oh, you’re a writer! What do you write?”
“…I write copy. What else do you want to know?”

If only it were that easy.

Constant Variability

Copywriters have a specific set of skills distinguishing them from the rest of the pack. One of the most unique talents copywriters have is the ability to vary their writing styles according to client needs. Maybe the client being written for sells backyard play sets and another is a prestigious law firm. Between these two, the tone is completely different; one more playful and conversational while the other requires the copywriter to don a more analytical or professional voice. Understanding, and executing in an effortless manner, how to write for different audiences such as children, retirees, professionals or free spirits, is an art in itself.

Undercover: Sales Style

The last thing I ever want to do, and I’m assuming it’s the same for many, is to read is an overly salesy article. I’ve seen some that are just dripping with desperation; “I heard you have a problem, we’re the greatest at solving problems. And not just general problems, we’re perfect for yours, specifically. Call us TODAY and you’ll get two solved problems for the price of one! But, you have to call us NOW(!) or else we won’t solve any problems for you…ever.” {What just happened?}

The best thing is to write in a manner that distinguishes yourself as an expert in your field. People know a quality product when they see it. Establish your credibility, offer true value and outline a call to action. The result? You won’t need the OxiClean Guy (rest his soul) to get your point across.


A great copywriter can be handed an article (on any topic) and create something appropriate for the goals of a client. In essence, they create a masterpiece- it’s improved in every way; the verbiage will most likely something you never thought of yourself. Therein lies the beauty of copywriting. It’s like giving a potter a lump of clay and watching them mold something useful and beautiful out of it. Additionally, copywriters have a knack for is the ability to craft a catchy headline. Without that, nobody is going to read your article- even if it has the best content ever written. Google is literally full of articles on how to write good headlines, from “5 Easy Tricks” of “A Scientific Guide to Writing Headlines.” But, it takes practice and a little bit of skill to create original, catchy headlines.

SEO, baby!

Writing copy for web optimization is another blog post all in itself. The intricacies of search engines (and that fact that nobody outside of Google knows exactly what happens in that sophisticated algorithm of theirs) is something that fascinates me. Your copy must rank well for queries (search terms) that people are inputting in to ‘The Google.’ This takes research and experience. The good news is that it’s something you can teach yourself with a little (just kidding, a lot) of practice. We’ve written blogs before about SEO, so if you need a little refresher just head on over here!

The Best News.

According to Indeed.com, the national average copywriter’s salary is $57,000. Fun fact: average copywriter’s salary in Detroit is $60,000. High five, Detroit. So, put on your creative thinkin’ caps and spend a little time perfecting your craft!


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