pubcon passPubcon- the time of year where the digital marketing universe converges at a single location in the desert- aka Las Vegas- to discuss the latest strategies, trends and exciting updates in the industry. This year was again very insightful, highlighting the future of social media, digital marketing, online advertising and more.  Despite the allure of what’s new and next, there was also a strong reinforcement of basic good practices.   Simple things that have recently lost their importance, like dedicating time and resources to creating good content and monitoring your social and/or online presence.  Before we dive into the knowledge bomb below, we should put out this disclaimer: The era of – excuse the frankness – half assing your content, social, email marketing and website is fast evaporating. The shortcuts that existed previously are less and less effective with each day.  The web is too transparent to fake it – and considering how quick new technologies and platforms spring up, who knows what things will look like in 18, 12 or even 6 months.

There is a strategy and science behind creating and maintaining your social media presence. For a social media campaign to be effective you need to be engaged on a daily basis, which requires a time investment.  And creating good content is not enough – you need consistency in publishing.  You need to listen to what your Fans and Followers are saying about your business and you need to nurture that conversation.  Referencing the transparency note, social media management should not be entrusted to anyone with a spare five minutes to post a vanilla comment to Facebook.  This approach devalues your message and can put your company, product or service in perilous territory.

So heed the warning – short cuts and shortsightedness can have long-term repercussions for your business.

Multiple Brand Social Media Management- @amcguire13

Insight courtesy of Allison McGuire

Good building block advice that should not be overlooked.  Remember, it always comes back to the basics.

Identify main goal of social media (sample goals):

  • Branding & customer engagement
  • Revenue
  • Customer service
  • Information & SEO (sample tactics)
    • Utilize existing content
    • New content, focus on key words
    • Share relevant news articles & info
    • Testimonials
    • Youtube videos
    • Growing fan base
    • Add 1-2 hashtags per post
    • Post on Google+ – shows in news alerts

Branding & Customer engagement

  • Consistent posts
  • Consistent messaging
  • Consistent voice
  • Engaging posts that create likes, comments share
  • Photos that are inclusive and inspirational – brand specific, not generic re-posts
  • Questions/surveys
  • Sweepstakes/contests
  • Video

Pubcon outside banner picContent Marketing Strategy-@daverothsays

Insight courtesy of David Roth

You’ll hear a lot about not only the importance of content but also its authenticity.  This reinforces why sufficient resources need to be dedicated to your content and social media.

  • Good marketing is really about storytelling
  • Hit people at passion points
  • “Content marketing is really an exercise in new media”
  • Authenticity is key

Insight courtesy of Chris Bennett

Amen to this!  We ingest information much differently today and hence visual appeal is critical.  Make good design part of your content efforts.

  • We live in a visual web – make sure it’s pretty. Spend time on the UI and UX
  • Make content for content’s sake – it’s a long term strategy
  • MOBILE! Need to develop mobile friendly content
  • Interactive content makes boring things awesome


Targeting the Right Social Media Demographic- @VirtualMarketer

Insight courtesy of Rebecca Murtagh

Don’t venture into social anticipating a traditional sales cycle.  And don’t think your audience is limited to just your direct Likes and/or Followers.

  • 72% of all shares via copy & past vs. 25% of sharing via Facebook & Twitter combined
  • 96% of visitors are not yet ready to buy
  • Use key words to find influencers in target demographic
  • Your audience is listening even w/out 100% engagement; the audience is always way bigger than you think

Brand Journalism and Creating Brand Awareness – @MelCarson

Insight courtesy of Mel Carson

The real take away here is the AURA approach.  There is a strategy and science behind creating and maintaining your social media presence.

  • Brand is experience
  • 27% of time on social media – via Experian marketing services
  • Encourage channel hopping
  • The science of great content = AURA
    • Authentic
    • Useful
    • Relevant
    • Actionable

Insight courtesy of Rob Fuggetta

There are no more silos – good content is mission critical to SEO.

  • “Content is no longer an addition to, but the main focus of SEO” – SearchMetrics 2014 Study
  • User Generated Content is digital gold
    • Highly trusted
    • Relevant
    • Influential
    • Searchable
    • Google encourages UGC
  • Turn advocates (e.g. customers) into content creators

Insight courtesy of Melissa Fach

Melissa’s presentation really drove home the point of authenticity when trying to build community.  The ‘TAGFEE’ approach encapsulates a great strategy to achieve that.

  • You can’t be good at social or community w/out plans and strategies in place
    • Transparent
    • Generous
    • Fun
    • Empathetic
    • Exceptional
  • Empower community team
    • Honest
    • Real
    • Generous
    • Happy
    • Emphatic
    • Freaking awesome
    • Time consuming but worth it

Social Commerce: It’s Not About Likes It’s About Sales

The connection between social media and sales isn’t that elusive when you consider John’s Scotty Pippen analogy.

Insight courtesy of John Lawson

  • Definition of social commerce – influencing how consumers spend
    • Not necessarily the same as social shopping
  • We under value social & mobile
  • Social is the “Scotty Pippen”
    • Social is a great hand off to get people to buy from you

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