To put it simply, “shareability” is a piece of content’s potential to be transmitted, or shared, between members of your audience. The necessity for this seems intuitive – you create content to be viewed, and the more people who share the content, the more viewers you have. However, “shares” get you noticed by more than just potential customers, Google notices you too. Google’s search ranking algorithm assigns more importance to content that is shared and thus, ranks it higher. Now, I bet you are asking the question, “How do you go about creating content that’s more likely to be shared?” We’re glad you asked.

Five tips to create shareable content for your business:

1. Be timely

Time is of the essence for topical stories and fads. Find ways to incorporate your brand into current events and issues, but remember – the Internet has a short attention span. If you wait too long, your content can be deemed stale or out of date and end up ignored.

2. Appeal to the nostalgic factor

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On the other hand, everyone enjoys taking a trip down memory lane. One of the benefits of inspiring nostalgic feelings in your audience is that people like to reminisce together. If you get people talking about things they remember from childhood, there’s a good chance they will want to share that information with people who can relate – this includes same-age buddies and coworkers.

3. Use your emotional intelligence

Add personality to your content. Part of the reason we create content is to build strong business-client relationships. In order to do that, you have to seem human. Yes, we know you are a professional, but you can be both!

4. Include a mixture of media

When it comes to content, viewers are a little bit like students who don’t want to read books without pictures. And can you blame them? Your audience is presented with such a vast influx of content daily, it’s imperative that you catch their attention and keep it long enough to get your point across. You can do this by including pictures, video and infographics along with any written content.

5. Inspire your readers!

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When people feel inspiration and awe, they enjoy sharing those feelings with others. That’s why posting inspiring content is a great way to get people linking back to your brand. Things like community service, donations and standing up for a cause really gets people talking (the #icebucketchallenge is a perfect example of this). If your brand spreads positivity, your viewers will be sure to pay it forward.

Once you have these elements integrated into your audience-specific content, there are still steps you can take to ensure shareability. Create attention-grabbing headlines, but make sure they are not too sensational or else they might seem less creditable. Keep a consistent brand voice that your viewers can become familiar with. And finally, in order to catch the interest of more readers, post your content steadily and regularly.

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