What’s Your Story?

From Superman and Thor to Google and Apple Inc., the world loves a good origin story, and believe it or not, you have one too. Your origin story puts a face to your company, giving the business a more human-like element, which allows consumers to form an emotional connection to the brand.  Great brands do not draw in consumers with sales pitch after sales pitch, but rather harness their brands identity by creatively expressing their core values.

For many businesses, the entrepreneur becomes the hero of the tale. The tale itself answers fundamental human questions such as, who are you? Where did you come from? And most importantly, why are you here? Often these stories have a thread of the American Dream intertwined within them. A rags to riches tale, from Steve Job’s garage to Mark Zuckerberg’s nerdy hacking skills, each brand carries their own unique and impressive story that gives consumers something to relate to.

How to tell a story that relates to your customer and builds brand engagement:

  • It’s True.  Above anything, make sure you’re story is genuine and authentic.
  • It’s Original. Don’t be a copy cat, pinpoint what’s most interesting about your brand and tell it to the world.
  • Its Familiar. Everyone has roots somewhere, convey a message of transformation that your audience can relate to.
  • It’s Human. It’s not about the product you sell, it’s the way you sell it and why.
  • It reflects your brands core values. Share what you care about with your consumers. How did where you came from effect the characteristics of your brand?

Origin stories inspire people. Your story gives your company a purpose that your customers can now be a part of.  It can be a deciding factor for prospective buyers in a world where they are faced with endless choices. If you convey your story correctly and embed it into your brand message, you will engage and ultimately connect, with your target audience. Transparency is key in any business and you have a story to share with your customers. All you have to do is make yourself heard, they’re already listening.

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