Hello there, everyone! It’s been a little while since we recorded a podcast for you to listen to, but as usual, things have been pretty busy in the world of social, search and link building. In this week’s edition of the TM SEO Web Talk Radio, we dig deep into Facebook Home & Google+ Links.

Facebook’s new ‘Home’

Facebook Home & Google+ LinksFor the past few weeks, Facebook has teased the world that it would soon introduce its “new home on Android.” This new home is a new Facebook app that fully integrates with Android’s home screen, immediately putting the social network at users’ fingertips. In essence, Facebook Home turns the Android home screen into an interactive News Feed that also has chat capabilities. For those who are attached to their Facebook at the hip, this could be very useful and fun, but it is to obtrusive for the average user.

Quantity or quality?

Anyone who has used the Facebook iOS and Android apps knows that they’re not only slow, but buggy and frustrating to use on occasion. This makes us curious as to whether or not Facebook Home will suffer from the same lag and annoyance that the company’s other apps do. Only time will tell, but it’s hard to imagine Facebook wouldn’t learn from its previous mobile mistakes.

An insatiable hunger for data

While the social network has stated that there won’t be any advertisements on Facebook Home to start, they’re surely to come in the near future. We’ve arrived at an age in which data farming and collecting is an unbelievably lucrative industry and Facebook is very good at selling ad space based on users’ information. Facebook Home just gives them one more avenue for ad revenue.

How to use links in Google+

While not totally confirmed, it’s suspected that Google favors content and links in Google+ over content found elsewhere on the web. Because of this, it’s important to know how to use links within Google’s social network. There are two ways to add a link to a Google+ post. You can either paste it into the post itself and it will automatically animate below or you can use the link tool, which will give you the same visual effect as the first method.

We recommend that you use the second way for one reason: links put through the link tool are follow links, meaning search engines literally follow up and take that link into account when ranking a page. Links are as important as ever, which is why it’s crucial that you use the link tool to give your link “juice.” This is just another reason why using Google+ is essential to your SEO, social and link building strategies.

Learn more!

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