When it comes to monitoring your company’s reputation online, there are many different tools you can choose from, but our favorite at TM is TruReview.  Full disclosure – TruReview was started by Trademark founder and CEO Dwight Zahringer.  Despite our obvious bias, we sincerely believe TruReview is an innovative option for small businesses to manage their customer service and reputation online.  Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s continue.

TruReview is an online review platform and appointment scheduling system designed to provide small businesses with the ability to obtain real, authenticated reviews from real customers. Not only does TruReview give companies a forum to help monitor their online reputations, but also helps with a wide variety of other things such as local SEO, microdata and more.

Reputation Management

It’s more important than ever to monitor what people are saying about your company online, whether it’s in social media, Yelp, Google+ Local or elsewhere. As mentioned previously, this is one area where TruReview has a leg up on other online review services. With Yelp, Google+ Local, Angie’s List and others, there is no way to verify whether a reviewer is a real customer reviewing a real interaction with the company. TruReview, however, only lets customers leave reviews after a transaction has been completed, meaning you know it’s genuine.

In addition to helping with your online reputation management, it also helps with reputation management in your community.  Prior to any appointment with a customer, an email is sent to your customer with the picture, background and credentials of your employee that will be working with them.  Along with showing your customer who will be showing up at their door for the appointment, TruReview also sends several reviews on past performance and recommendations for that employee, so that your customer feels confident in the employee they’re dealing with.

Local SEO

Besides keeping an eye on your online reputation, it’s also important to do the same with your search visibility. Local SEO is becoming a crucial part of any online marketing plan and TruReview helps you improve yours by creating a search engine-friendly public listing of your company that includes your company’s score, reviews, a map with your location, your address and a brief description of your company.  Special data is coded into any TruReview profile, called microdata or “data about data”, that provides additional information to search engines about your business.  All of these items will help you when people are searching for your company locally.

Rating Microdata

Have you ever noticed stars included in some search results in Google? That’s another kind of microdata that is embedded in the code of every TruReview company profile page.  TruReview utilizes this aggregate rating microdata to display a companies rating in the search result.  Not only does it show your rating to potential customers before they even visit your profile, but this also gives your listing additional “real estate” on the search engine result page. This is just another way TruReview makes things easier for both the customer and the company.

Wealth of other benefits

For more information about TruReview and its benefits, you can visit TruReview.com.  They are also offering a free two-month trial for small businesses currently unhappy with Yelp or Angie’s List.  You can sign up here for your free trial.

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[…] TruReview is an online review platform and appointment scheduling system designed to provide small businesses with the ability to obtain real, …read more […]

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