There’s no such thing as a slow week in the world of search and social media. Especially when Facebook and Google are vying for the time of users. This week, we saw Google throw another Panda update at us with Panda 24.  The search giant also improved its Analytics dashboard and we also saw Twitter take brevity to a whole new level with Vine. Listen to our latest TM Podcast for more information about these topics in addition to some funny search results from Facebook Graph Search.

Panda 24 has arrived

Google Analytics Update

Almost exactly one month after it’s last Panda update, Google gave us Panda 24 on Tuesday, Jan. 22. As you already know, Google Panda primarily affects websites that have poor or “low quality” content, it appears that this update, as well as Panda 23, might also be affecting exact match domains. If we know anything about Google, it’s that the company likes to keep its cards close to the chest. It never reveals too much about the exact parameters of what makes a “good site,” but based on the last few updates we know what makes a “bad site.” We also know that in order to stay on Panda’s good side, it’s important to keep content relevant, consistent and that it gets updated regularly. Don’t stuff your site with keywords, you will get caught.

Analytics gets a small facelift

Anyone who spends a lot of time buried in Google Analytics can tell you that while it’s one of the best tools on the web, there’s room for improvement. And the latest revamp is definitely improvement for those thirsty for more data. As you can see to the right, Google has added Shortcuts to the sidebar, which allow you to analyze data in real time.

The dashboard has also been updated. Now, users can add new widgets like devices, maps and more to better determine who is coming to your site and how they are getting there. That’s not even the best part, though. Custom dashboards are now able to be shared and exported, making sharing reports easier than ever. Well done, Google. Well done.

Facebook Graph Search gets weird

If you’re like us, you haven’t been granted access to Facebook Graph Search yet. But luckily for us, Tom Scott does have access and used the product in a phenomenal way and he created a Tumblr to illustrate how goofy Graph Search can be. Scott searched things like “Mothers of Jews who like bacon” and “Married people who like prostitutes” and got back search results with profiles matching those specific queries. Seriously, head to his Tumblr for some laughs.

Listen and learn more!

Want to know more about Panda 24, Google Analytics or Facebook Graph Search? Just listen to our podcast below! And don’t forget, if you have something to say, let us know in the comments.

2 responses to “Google Gives Us Panda 24 & Updates Google Analytics

Posted by Ritesh jha

can you discribe how to recover with panda 24? There have many website that SERP down nd i want to recover it.

Posted on January 31, 2013 at 10:31 pm

Posted by Dwight Zahringer

This would depend on a number of factors: site age, content, URL, back links, traffic sources and changes. Can you provide more info?

Posted on February 1, 2013 at 2:30 pm

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