Social media marketing is not a one-size-fits-all industry. Every company or person has different needs and goals, which is why the same strategy doesn’t work for everyone. In this week’s edition of the SEO Web Talk Radio Show, we talk to digital marketer Brent Csutoras about social media marketing and what some of the misconceptions are.

Three social media mistakes made by companies

Brent Csutoras, Kairay Media

Brent Csutoras

When it comes to social media, companies (and people) sometimes tend to jump in without doing the proper research. Here are three of the most common mistakes Brent has seen companies make when they start using social media.

1. Not understanding goals or purpose

Jumping headfirst into social media without evaluating your company’s needs is a big no-no. Not identifying what your company’s social goals are will result in an unfocused, unpolished and amateur social strategy. For instance, if your company’s goal is to create a community around your product, your strategy would be different than someone trying to solely bring more traffic to their company’s site. Once you have identified what goals your company have, it’s important to develop a strategy focusing on those goals. If Facebook works better for you than Twitter does, focus on it until you have reached your goals. Then move on to Twitter. Which leads to the second mistake businesses often make.

2. Doing too much at a time

While it’s crucial that you own space in all the major social networks, it’s not always necessary to be overly active on them all. According to Brent, it’s often more effective to focus on building one network at a time. The world of social media is often like the map in the game Risk. If you spread your armies too thin, you won’t be effective and will be overtaken. Social media is similar, if you spread your presence too thin, you won’t be impactful enough to reach your overall goals. It’s important to aim your sights on one or two networks at the start and then slowly move into others.

3. Too much focus on direct ROI

If there’s anything that’s forgotten about social media, it’s that like SEO, it doesn’t often supply an immediate return on investment. It takes time to build a vibrant community around your product, brand or company. Social media is often about planting a seed in prospective customers’ heads so they think of your product first when it’s time for them to make a purchase. Companies also tend to forget that the lessons we’ve learned in real-world communication apply to our interactions online, too. Remember, social media is about people, not about things.

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Want to hear more about what Brent has to say about the use of social and digital marketing? Listen to our podcast below for more information about Brent’s social media marketing techniques. If you’re looking to contact Brent, check out Kairay Media.

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