Due to the fact that the search engine optimization environment is in constant flux, there are often a lot of misconceptions when it comes to specific things within the industry. Among these confusions are the difference between an algorithm update and a data refresh as well as how to build links. Listen to this week’s SEO Webtalk Radio Show to learn more about these topics in addition to Blekko’s facelift and the fight for teens in social media.

SEO misconceptions

Google's Matt Cutts Discusses Common SEO Misconceptions

Earlier this week, Google’s Matt Cutts released a video discussing some of the aforementioned SEO misconceptions and stressed the importance of knowing a few things. First, he said that people often misinterpret an algorithm update versus a data refresh. The former is a fundamental and physical change within the algorithm itself, meaning the signals it uses and how the program runs are different than what they were previously, while the latter is simply inputting new data into an existing algorithm. This means that the algorithm functions the same way, it just has new information to run on.

Should we rethink link building?

Cutts also discussed how the old school way of “getting” links needs to be reevaluated. Link building is no longer about actively seeking links out, but rather creating content users will want to link to on their own. And yes, for the umpteenth time, Content is King. It doesn’t matter if you’re putting a photo gallery, video, blog post or audio clip on your website, make it compelling and easy to share. This will give you an edge against the competition when it comes to gleaning links from your fans, users, etc.

Blekko’s new look

The Google-alternative Blekko has come out with a new look in hopes of drawing more of Google’s faithful to the search engine. Blekko has separated its search results into a few different categories, including organic results, news and topic. The latter is perhaps the most interesting because while the organic search results will provide real SERPS uninfluenced by social factors or personalization, the topic category will provide users with a more granular view of results pertaining to their specific queries. All in all, it not only provides users with more variety in their search queries, but also with how search is perceived in general.

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