When you go to search for something on the web, there’s roughly a 67 percent chance that you’ll use Google to find your answer. If Microsoft had its way, though, you’d be using Bing. The software giant has renewed its “Bing it On” campaign with vigor over the past few weeks and that’s what we’ll be talking about in this edition of our SEO Web Talk Radio Show.

Bing it OnBring it, Google

Since its release in 2009, Bing has been playing second fiddle to Google. Microsoft first heralded the new search engine as a “people-first” engine that would provide results that people wanted, but no matter how hard Microsoft tried, Bing couldn’t catch up.

In an effort to increase on its 16.5 percent of the search market, Bing is revitalizing the “Bing it On” challenge in hopes of drawing more everyday users. For those unfamiliar, “Bing it On” is essentially the Pepsi Challenge of search engines. You’ll search five different keywords or keyword phrases and Microsoft supplies you with Bing’s results side-by-side with Google’s. It’s up to you to decide which you prefer. After completing your five searches, the site will generate a score displaying which search engine you liked most.

Experience matters

Your familiarity with the world of search is absolutely essential in predicting how you’re going to score. If you’re like us and live within the search realm, then you’re probably going to choose Google. And honestly, part of that is because we are so familiar with Google. We can spot their results pretty easily. The average user, though, might not be able to. It’s that user who Microsoft is trying to convert. The question is whether or not the company can do it.

Visual aesthetics

There is one thing Bing does have on Google when looking at both of their search results pages–images. Bing displays images in a much more visually appealing way, which makes it a more pleasant search experience for the average searcher. If I’m interested in searching for pictures of kittens, I want to those little feline fur balls presented to me immediately and beautifully. Bing does that, Google does not.

Don’t let us tell you where to search!

Take the challenge for yourself and make sure to tell us in the comments which search engine you preferred. We promise we won’t be upset if you don’t pick our favorite. Also, don’t forget to listen to the podcast for more information about Bing it On and other hot SEO topics!

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