Search engines in many ways are the opposite of commercial advertising. Instead of ads interrupting a consumer’s entertainment experience, companies using search engine marketing are catering to those actually looking for something specific. While traditional advertising still has its place, it might be time to consider ramping up your search engine optimization efforts.

The Search is the Goal

Search works differently than almost every other part of the web because every user has the same goal: to obtain information. When internet users go to Facebook or Twitter (and other social networking sites), they are primarily there to interact with their online connections, and unlike in search, the ads are secondary. In many cases, users flock to search engines because they are looking for a product, which is when your targeted ads can be very successful.

There’s No Channel Changing

Users come back to search engines again and again for answers. Have you ever had the experience of channel surfing during the commercials and then forgetting about the show you were originally watching? People usually do this because they don’t want to see commercials. But in search, there are no commercials, just well-place ads that are usually relevant to search queries.

You Know They Want It

Television and radio advertisements can be hit or miss, but with search engine marketing, you know what people are searching for. This allows you to offer users what they are already looking for instead of hoping your message reaches them at the right moment. If your company sells vacuums, you will know exactly who to start your search engine marketing efforts toward–people searching for vacuums. That’s what makes SEM so effective, you already know what people are looking for.

24 Hour Availability

The internet runs 24/7. Therefore, an

An Abundance of Tools

There are countless tools out there to help you determine how effective your keyword usage is to how long users stay on a particular page. It’s these tools that can help you refine your SEM strategy to get the most successful results.

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