What is jQuery?

jQuery is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks for creating advanced websites . Its popular because, the framework requires minimum effort and coding to design applications. These frameworks and code can be found in JavaScript libraries available and allows the web designing community to develop user interactions quickly. There is a large variety and options of plugins that can be used to increase the website function.

For example, jQuery adds a ‘.hide()’ function that can easily be called on any HTML element, giving it a “display: none;” property. This can be used as opposed to the JavaScript syntax which is more convoluted.


Javascript – (“document.getElementById(‘div’).style.visibility = ‘visible’;

jQuery – $( “.divt” ).hide();

An advantage to using plugins is their simplicity, just call the plugin either through a dedicated file or through a general plugins.js file and use whatever variables are necessary in the $(document).ready main jQuery function.

The Best 5 jQuery Plugins in 2017

I wanted to share with you some of the plugins we use here on a regular basis in our site builds.


  1. Tabslet

Tabslet, as the name suggests, is lightweight plugin for making tabs. It supports next/previous controls, rotation, custom events, deep linking and there’s lots of other useful functionality.

2.  Nanogallery2

nanoGALLERY2 is designed to simplify your image galleries, and offers multi-level navigation in albums, light box, combinable hover effects on thumbnails, slideshow, fullscreen, pagination and image lazy load. It is touch-enabled, responsive, fast and it supports cloud storage.

The newly released version 2 offers improved user experience, and new features such as filter by keywords, a shopping cart, social sharing, advanced hover effects, thumbnail display transitions, an info page with google maps location, and more.

3.  Magnific Popup

This is another lightweight jQuery plugin that emphasizes compatibility as well as performance. It is super-fast and works on multiple devices including high-DPI (Retina) devices such as MacBook Pro.

It is a responsive dialog script with focus on performance and providing the best experience for users with any device


4. Unslider

What makes this plugin one of favorites, is using it makes it the easiest way to get a simple slider up and running in seconds. All you need is some valid markup, jQuery and some extra CSS, and the Unslider will do the rest.

5.  Lettering.js

So many feature and uses of this plugin. Different kinds of web type is exploding all of the web, but CSS currently doesn’t offer complete down to the letter control. This plugin allows you to control all of that.


Here are a few examples of what can be easily done with Lettering.js


All of these plugins (and a few more) are included in almost every build we do here at Trademark Productions. They add great functionality without being difficult to use or understand. I’m always on the look-out for other great jQuery plugins. What ones do you use on a regular basis?

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