Last month, StatCounter reported that Google’s Chrome had officially overtaken Microsoft’s Internet Explorer as the world’s top Web browser. By StatCounter’s measurements, Chrome was holding a little more than 32 percent, while IE had just over 31 percent of the market share. It was a big day Chrome, but it didn’t last long.

Other web analysis organizations such as W3Counter, Clicky and Net Applications had results differing from StatCounters. And they all heavily favored IE. According to The Next Web, StatCounter is considered to be the “standard for measuring browser usage — by those in the industry …”, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only reliable source. All three of the aforementioned sources had IE taking more than 50 percent of the browser market share, which isn’t surprising considering that there are still more Windows machines than any other. But StatCounter is at it again, claiming that Chrome has not only surpassed IE overall, but for the first full calendar month.

Google is like Skynet, it seems to be unstoppable in anything it does (except social networking). StatCounter’s numbers for May put Chrome at a whopping 32.43 percent of the worldwide market share, with IE holding a close second at 32.12 percent. And while this is only one organization’s numbers, one thing is clear: Chrome is on its way to the top. If it continues this upward trajectory, there’s no doubt that will become the world’s most preferred browser. Not only is it more lightweight than IE, but if you’re anything like the TM Team, you’re an avid Google user, which makes using Chrome over IE a no-brainer.

What is your most preferred browser? Anyone out there still rocking IE7? If so, update your browser–immediately.


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