One of the most talked about issues in the SEO world recently has been what implications social media, specifically Google+, is having on search results. Trademark Productions CEO and President Dwight Zahringer took some time during his time at PubCon Paradise to sit down with Distilled SEO Consultant Kate Morris about that very topic for this edition of our SEO Web Talk Radio Show.

Kate Morris, SEO Consultant

With the recent advent of Google’s new search algorithm Search, plus Your World, the emphasis on social media and social interaction is more important than ever. And when Dwight asked Morris about this, she claimed to have seen this coming since 2005, saying, “So called it. So called it.”

This premonition, she said, first came to light when she learned that search results were different from person-to-person based on what their previous queries were. Morris said she realized that this was Google’s first step in personalizing search results for individual users and it would affect search results in ways she and other SEOs couldn’t control.

“We’re not going to be able to guarantee rank. We’re not going to be able to show rank,” Morris said. “Because everything that we strive to do to get to that top position, that’s going to be absolutely impossible to show that you’re in that top position. We’re only going to be able to show by doing the correct work, by doing the marketing, by doing the right content, the right this, the right that; that traffic increases.”

She also notes that Google did this for the consumer, to make it easy for users to find what they want to find at a faster rate. Morris said Google doesn’t “like ratings.” And the fact that Morris was right about this only goes to show how little Google cares for someone to hold onto that top search result.

Speaking of social media and search, Morris also comments on how to better improve relationships with clients as an SEO. She said the No. 1 and No. 2 most important things are communication and education. Communication is an obvious aspect in what we do, but sometimes it doesn’t always happen the way it should. In order for a project to succeed in a timely manner it is crucial that all parties involved communicate regularly and effectively. No one wants a project to be delayed because someone didn’t relay specific information somewhere down the line.

But, almost as important as solid communication is education. Morris said that in order to get a client to “buy in” to your idea, you have to educate them. This means going in prepared with reasons and facts to back up your idea. If you can educate them about your idea and the results you think you can achieve, you have a much better chance of them agreeing to go along with you.

These aren’t the only things Morris discussed with us in her interview. She also talks about Pinterest (and their affiliate links) and more about client relationships. Listen to the entire interview, recorded live from PubCon Paradise below!

You can read Kate Morris’ blog posts at SEOMoz. She can also be found on Twitter at @katemorris. If you have any questions about this interview or PubCon Paradise, don’t hesitate to contact us or comment below!

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