Yet again, the web industry has proven itself to be extraordinarily fluid. There are few industries that regularly face the paradigm-shifting changes we do on what seems like a weekly basis. This week we saw two big changes in the Web, SEO and social world: Pinterest business accounts and Google Authorship Analytics being integrated into Google+. It’s these two topics that I discuss with TM Social Media Manager Michael L. Hoffman in this week’s SEO Web Talk Radio Show.

Pinterest for BusinessPinterest for Business

The photo-sharing social network Pinterest finally did something that’s been coming for a long time: officially opened its doors to businesses. On its blog, Pinterest announced that it now has pages that are specifically designed and dedicated for businesses. Pinterest’s new business pages arrived with a slew of information for businesses to make the most of them. For example, the social network has been beta testing these pages with a few brands like Etsy, Jetsetter and others to create case studies of how these brands use the new platform. It’s clear that Pinterest is trying to capitalize on how powerful businesses have been on the network already, and it’s allowing businesses to verify their website (for authenticity purposes) as well as offering personalized widgets.

What does this mean?

This is huge news for the social network. Now that Pinterest has been bifurcated into personal and business profiles, the companies that are on the network can more effectively use it. It also means that many businesses will have to adjust their strategy for how they use Pinterest. But again, the network’s bigwigs have us covered; they created a best practices page that explains what works and what doesn’t for business versus personal pages.

Authorship Analytics in Google+

SEO Web Talk Radio ShowTime and time again, we’ve talked about the importance of Google+ and how it really is here to stay. The integration of Authorship Analytics into Google+ is just one more signal that the search giant’s “social layer” isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Authorship Analytics, which were previously only available via Webmaster Tools, give Google+ users with Authorship set up insight to valuable data about the content they are linked with. Users can see impressions, click-through-rate and clicks all from their Google+ profile, making it an easy one-stop-shop for that gooey data all us SEO people pine for.

For more about both Authorship Analytics and Pinterest business profiles, please listen to the latest TM SEO Web Talk Radio Show! Oh, did I mention that we’re on iTunes?

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