Every once and a while, while aimlessly wandering the interwebs, I come across a website that just makes my jaw drop. And sadly, more often than not, it’s because a site is of atrociously low quality. But sometimes, I find a gem that’s too good (or bad) not to share with the rest of the TM office.

Today’s gem is the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea‘s official website. And if you don’t read Mashable, finding things like this is a great example why you should. As Mashable adeptly points out, North Korea just spent $850 million on a failed missile launch, but spent only $15 on its website. And yes, that’s fifteen dollars, no zeros were left out of that number. The site’s designer, Robert Westmore, was tracked down by Fox News this morning and told the news organization he “had no idea. Honestly, I didn’t even know North Korea had a website.”

Westmore also said that North Korea actually paid the $15 for the theme, and that he doesn’t care what people do with the theme. He added, “As long as the template is purchased legitimately individuals or organizations can do whatever they want with the file, I’m not here to judge.”

What really drew my attention to this is the fact that while North Korea isn’t a country swimming in money, it should have enough cash to pay for a decent website. And while the nation’s site isn’t the worst I’ve seen, it’s right up there with the most absurd. Tell us what you think of North Korea’s website … would you pay $15 for that theme?

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