As many of you know, yesterday was Apple’s annual Worldwide Development Conference. Every June, Apple spends weeks (if not months) building hype for the products it is about to unleash on eager tech nerds across the globe. And as usual, the high-fashion tech company didn’t disappoint. Steve Jobs would be proud.

The most anticipated announcements from WWDC were the unveiling of a rumored MacBook Pro with Retina Display and iOS 6 (which was confirmed over the weekend). And while these are going to be the most talked, blogged and tweeted about topics – and rightfully so – there’s a specific aspect of iOS 6 that is flying under the radar, and I think it’s the coolest feature Apple’s ever added to iOS. That would be the “Remind me to call later” function.

If you’re a friend or family member reading this, I want to apologize for my shoddy telephoning skills (especially you, Mom. I’ll call you soon, I promise!). I am terrible at calling friends and family back. I always have been. But now, with iOS 6, I can become a functioning member of my family and friend circles again. This feature, though, extends much further that just reminding me to call my grandma back in 15 or 20 minutes. It’s fully integrated with the iPhone’s GPS and can even remind me to call someone back when I’m leaving work. This is what has gotten me excited. By entering my home and work locations into my phone, it will be able give me reminders based on my location. The iPhone didn’t just get smarter and more efficient, it’s going to help me do the same.

Speaking of efficiency, the iPhone added another feature that will make all of us a little more productive: the “Do not disturb” mode. Turn this on and, unlike Airplane Mode, your phone will still send and receive messages, but your screen won’t light up or make any noise. Imagine not being distracted by text messages and phone calls at work. It will be like 2004 all over again.

And yes, I know these are small parts of a much larger announcement (iOS 6), but they are my favorite new features coming to Apple products. What was your favorite announcement at Apple’s WWDC 2012?

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