There’s a massive amount of people using tablets, smartphones or both in today’s age. In addition to the “traditional desktop” computer, it is vital to optimize your marketing emails for all platforms to get the best results from your customers. You want to make them want to read the material that you spent so long perfecting, right?  Here are some great ways to make sure your efforts don’t go to waste.


The first and maybe most important rule is K.I.S.S., or Keep It Short and Sweet. This applies not only to the body of the email, but also the subject line. Make sure that the most important information goes into the beginning as the person receiving the email is likely on the move, and therefore is only going to read the beginning of the email to decide if it’s worth more attention.

Keep it in Proportion

Secondly, make sure the design of your email is functional for mobile devices as well as desktops. This means keeping it between 500 and 600 pixels, and if you’re targeting business people, remember Blackberries are only 320 pixels.  Also, have a mobile landing page, so once your short, wonderfully crafted, targeted message gets the users’ attention, they can move on to find more details about what it is you are offering.

Use Pre-headers

Use subject lines and pre-headers to your advantage. Nothing is more effective to get a reader to pay attention to your email like a WIFM (What’s in it for me) subject line. A simple example could be Save 30% off Golf Clubs This Week Only, but that might come off as spammy. Try something a little more creative to entice the reader’s sense of curiosity, such as If You Love Golf, Check This Out!

Test it Out!

Finally, make sure that you test out your emails on an emulator, smart phone or tablet to get a feel for how it will work for a potential reader.  Make sure the content looks good and fits on the screen.  Test that the load times are reasonable, and that if you do have images, they don’t take away from your message.

Following these tips will greatly improve your results when sending out email to customers in the age of the smart phone. And if you have other questions about email marketing, don’t hesitate to contact TM today for more information!

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