There are a lot of companies and brands that use Facebook as a vehicle to communicate with their fan base, but not everyone does it well. Crafting the perfect Facebook status is anything but a science. If it were, every brand page’s Insights would be through the roof. That, however, isn’t the case.

In order to write an engaging Facebook status, one thing must always be included: a call to action (CTA). Calls to action are the bread and butter of Facebook posting. A good CTA can be the difference between hundreds of clicks and Likes and no engagement at all. Proper CTAs should motivate or encourage your fans and followers to do something. For example, if the goal of a post is to get your fans to read a blog post, you should tease them with a little information to inspire them to click the link and read more.

Here are some things to keep in mind when including calls to action in your Facebook posts:

Don’t give it all away

One of the most common mistakes Facebook administrators make is that they give away too much information in their posts. If you’re trying to entice your fans to leave Facebook and go to your website or blog, you don’t want them to know everything right away. Lead them into the post by telling them a snippet of information that only tells part of the story. Here’s an example:

Bad: Read our blog post about all the latest eCommerce trends online!

Good: Did you know that 10% of all traffic to online stores comes from a mobile device? Read more about other hot eCommerce trends here: [LINK]

Bait your fans with a question

Questions are an under-utilized tool in the writing of Facebook statuses. Users are going to be much more inclined to click a link or comment on a Facebook post if you ask them something. By simply asking a question, you’re actively encouraging your fans to participate with you in some way. Here’s how it’s done:

Bad: There are a lot of things happening in Detroit this weekend, including the Detroit City FC game! 

Good: There’s a lot going on in Detroit this weekend, including the Detroit City FC game! What are your weekend plans? 

Are you linking?

Not every Facebook post requires the inclusion of a link, but those featuring a CTA usually do. The only time you should not include a link in your Facebook post is when your only goal is to obtain Likes or comments. In almost every other situation include a link. Some companies fall prey to the old adage of only providing their fans with a phone number in their CTAs. Don’t be one of those companies. The beauty of Facebook is that there is a large character limit to posts (unlike Twitter’s 140-character limit), so you have room for both your phone number and a link to your contact page. We have to provide socially awkward fans with a way of communicating, too!

Bad: Give us a call today at (123)456-7890 for more information about our super awesome services! 

Good: Want to learn more about our super awesome services? Give us a call at (123)456-7890 or contact us online today! [LINK]

A lot more goes into writing the perfect Facebook call to action than these three tips, but they will help you get started. If you have questions or other suggestions, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below or contact TM today!

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