Let’s be overly optimistic and pretend that you’re not this guy from a previous blog post, you’ve seen the light and have a blog. Now, let’s take a huge leap of faith and pretend that you’ve not only got a blog, but you’re actually writing and publishing blog posts. I know … unheard of, right? Have I had way too much caffeine this morning to think this may actually have happened? Maybe so. But I can no longer count the number of potential clients who’ve walked through TM’s door and asked why their blog posts aren’t getting the traffic they expect they should. There may very well be some reasons for it.

1. What are you blog posts about? Are you talking about news related to your industry? Is your industry a niche one? Is it even interesting news? Are you expressing an opinion about it or are you simply retyping facts or a story? Does your post reflect any bit of your personality or at least a company voice? All of these questions point to the possibility that your posts may be a bit on the dull side. Nobody cares about the mating rituals of the Kuhli Loach … except another Kuhli Loach and I’m guessing they don’t have access to wireless and a waterproof mouse. Nobody with today’s attention span is going to watch something that doesn’t immediately interest them, so what makes you think they’ll read it, then continue coming back and reading it? Writing something that captures someone’s interest isn’t always going to happen the first time around. It takes practice, but it can be done. Don’t be afraid to take a chance and amp it up a bit with some personality.

2. Along the same lines as above, are you writing blog posts that do nothing but try to sell readers on your product or products? Let me put it another way. Have you ever been channel surfing and come across an infomercial? What do you do? You keep right on surfing until you find something that interests you. I’m betting if you turned the TV on and all that was showing at that particular time were infomercials that you’d turn it off and go find something else to do. The same can be said with these kinds of blog posts. Telling people about your business or product isn’t an awful thing. Telling them time and time again, however, is.

3. Let’s pretend your blog posts are absolute magic. Readers like what you are saying and it has met the perfect balance of promotion and relaying something people want to come back to and read more of … only you’re publishing one blog post every two or three weeks. Or you publish a single blog post, then, two weeks later, publish five in a row, then wait three weeks before writing your next. Welcome to a lack of consistency! Remember when your favorite TV show would show a few new episodes, then have a rerun, show a new one, then two weeks of reruns and so on and so forth? If you think it was annoying then, that hasn’t changed, especially with written media. Readers are looking for fresh content on a regular basis. If you can’t give that to them, they’ll go elsewhere. Do you remember Moonlighting Season 4? Neither do I. There’s a reason for that.

4. Finally, it can also come down to what you’re doing to get word out about your posts. Fortunately, that was covered in a previous post.

So there you have it. Your blog may have some problems, but we’ve got solutions and we know they work. Why not stop by, have a cup of coffee with some of our peeps here and let’s talk about it. Contact us today. See how easy that was?

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