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Google Authorship Analytics on Amanda Blain’s Google+

Anyone involved with SEO will tell you how important numbers of all kinds are, which is why many of us are buried neck-deep in Google Analytics for big chunks of our days. And now, there are rumors that there will soon be even more numbers for us to analyze: Google Authorship Analytics.

A few weeks ago, we wrote about the importance of Google Authorship and how to properly set it up for your website. And now, with the slow release of Authorship Analytics, it’s becoming more important than ever. Girlfriend Social CEO Amanda Blain wrote on her Google+ profile that she noticed something different on her Google+, a link called “Authorship Analytics” below the “X,XXX Have You in Circles” section. This is what she wrote:

Long time coming – it is finally here! You can soon/now check out how your gplus profile is impacting search results with Authorship Analytics found just below your circles tab. From this tab you will be able to directly see how pages you have claimed authorship for are appearing in search results and their click through rate… *As with all Google changes, there is likely a slow roll out so if you don’t see it yet you probably will soon*

This is a serious change towards the awesomeness that is GPlus. This is what you want to show your business friends who “dont see the value in gplus”.

Exciting changes! …

In the comments of Blain’s post, she notes that (as with many Google updates) this is being rolled out slowly to both verified and unverified Google+ users. As of now, none of us at Trademark Productions have seen the Authorship Analytics link pop up on our profiles and while its existence hasn’t been confirmed by Google or any major industry news source, we’re excited for when it arrives. And when it does, you can expect an in-depth analysis of what kind of data it contains, how it’s useful and what it all means.

If you have questions or comments about Google Authorship, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below!

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