2011 was the Year of the Cloud. It saw the debut of Apple’s iCloud and the Amazon Cloud Drive while services like Dropbox got more attention than ever. But, there’s a new player in town, and it’s an interesting take on cloud technology–AcerCloud.

The new cloud, announced by PC and tablet manufacturer Acer at CES 2012, will allow users to share documents and photos across Acer devices and Android smartphones, but in a limited capacity. But unlike its iCloud and Dropbox counterparts, AcerCloud isn’t about online storage, it’s about sharing. Documents and photos are only stored for 30 days in AcerCloud, and the files are ultimately stored on your PC, not in AcerCloud.

Here’s an example of how the service works: if you take a photo with your smartphone, AcerCloud will automatically upload that photo to a service called PicStream, which will store your photos for the 30-day limit. PicStream is more of a pit stop for your photos than a parking spot, though. You can then push your photos from PicStream back to your PC or another Android device for permanent storage.

Saving documents to AcerCloud works similarly to photos, in that they are stored in the cloud for 30 days before expiring. But there is one thing AcerCloud may have on the competition. Acer says that files stored on the “Main PC” are accessible at any time via AcerCloud, even if the computer is in sleep mode. This could prove useful for people who want to extract data from their home computers without having to spend time uploading it to another cloud service.

Are you an Acer user? If you are, would you use AcerCloud? We want to know.

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