The Trademark Team is full of music nuts, and many of us use the widely-popular music streaming service Spotify.

For those unfamiliar with Spotify, it’s a free service that allows users to create their own playlists, listen to specific artists, and share what they’re listening to with their friends across different social networks. But what makes Spotify so great is that it combats music piracy unlike anything before.


There are literally millions of tracks from thousands of artists to choose from. You can find everything from Beethoven to Britney Spears to indie bands like The xx or rappers like Jay-Z. Plus like on the radio, these artists get paid royalties every time their song is played. So even though you’re listening for free, the artists get paid.

Since Spotify’s US debut over the summer, they’ve been planning on enhancing their service with applications, and last week those plans were announced. What Spotify has done is partner up with several well-known music publications and services like Pitchfork, Rolling Stone Magazine and to allow them to have applications integrated within Spotify itself. The Pitchfork app, for example, will allow users to listen to albums they are reading about all within the Spotify client.

ReadWriteWeb published an article that gives a hands-on explanation of how these applications will work. From the looks of it, Spotify seems as if it’s about to take a leap forward in a big way.

We know that we’ll be using these applications once they’re released to all Spotify users, but will you?

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