I’m convinced after writing my blog on H1 tags and then my blog on H2 tags that whoever goes on to use H3 tags must be a masochist. Do websites really need to be that complicated? A quick search on Google shows that there are up to six of these little H buggars, so I can only begin to imagine the kind of site that would use them. I really can’t, but I’m going to say I can because it makes me sound like a better person.

So, the quick recap is that the H1 is the nicely, large bolded bit of text at the top of the page on a site that indicates what visitors and search engines can expect to find in the content. The H2 is then used to divide up content on the page into subgroups of the main H1 and I used a page on Barton Malow’s website to demonstrate this. When it comes to H3 tags…well, I took a brief look around and decided to instead invent my own example since I didn’t find anything I liked.

Let’s say you find an amusing website that boasts a page on the “Mating Rituals of Web Designers.” It’s obviously already an urban legend, but let’s work with it for a moment. “Mating Rituals of Web Designers” would be your H1 tag. After a quirky little introduction, the author might start to address different aspects of this. Perhaps he or she lists the first ritual as “Setting the Mood With Music.” That’s your H2 since it represents one part of what’s being addressed. If we get into specific music that web designers use to lure their prey, those would be your H3 tags. In this case, Justin Bieber and Ashlee Simpson.

So, the outline of your page might resemble something like this:

Mating Rituals of Web Designers (H1)
Setting the Mood With Music (H2)
Justin Bieber (H3)
Ashlee Simpson (H3)

I feel fairly confident now that I can continue detailing a page like that all the way up to H6 tags, but I doubt that I will. There are other things going on in technology worth talking about. That and I’m seeing a line forming at my door of very irate, somewhat semi-hostile looking web designers from the back who’d like a word with me.

One response to “What Is An H3 Tag And What Is It Used For?

Posted by Heather

I guess I have always just used h3 tags for things like sidebar widget titles if we’re talking about the realm of blogs and articles. Very rarely do I use an h3 tag inside an actual article, though.

I never use h4 tags on a website. Maybe I don’t write as in depth of articles to require one :D

Posted on February 12, 2011 at 2:57 pm

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