Bloggers and public relations professionals have been fighting with each other over the years about the best social media tactics. Unfortunately PR professionals are often highlighted for making huge social media mistakes. This can be understandable for PR practitioners, they have been taught to always send out information, and not to deal with engagement. Well, this is a new day-and-age and many PR practices must be altered to adjust to the world of social media. I’ll be the first to admit it, I studied public relations in college, and at first it was a new concept to understand when I starting working with social media. This blog is designed to help PR practitioners get a better understanding of the best ways to spread information, and use social media practices. Trademark Productions takes pride in their social media campaign tactics. Contact them today to learn how to improve you social media campaigns.

There are a few common mistakes PR professionals make when working on their company’s social media pages. We’re going to highlight these mistakes, and give recommendations of the best ways to avoid these mistakes.

First we’ll talk about the mistake of repurposing press releases for your social media pages. We all know that press releases are normally boring little tid-bits of information for the press. A lot of PR people will just post a URL to these press releases on their Facebook or Twitter pages. This is wrong! Instead try to ask your audience a question about the article, pull a quote or stat from the press release which is interesting. This will highly increase the likelihood of people visiting the URL you posted.

Next we’ll focus on how you should represent the personality of your organization with social media pages like Facebook and Twitter. You need to understand that when people come across your social media pages they have an attention span of about 10 seconds. If your messages are as dull as communication that goes on during an annual report meeting, you are almost guaranteed to never be read by potential customers. Now if you are in an industry such as law or financial practices, you obviously don’t want to sound like some punk kid having fun. At the same time, organizations need to loosen up a little bit. You need to pull people into your conversations. The goal in-the-end is to engage in conversations with your social media audience. Ask your customers questions, believe it or not it’s OK to show a little bit of personality.

Now if you happen to be a PR professional, I bet you’re saying “I’m a PR manager, my job is to send out messages!” Again, this is a new day-and-age, you’re going to have to get over yourself a little bit, and adapt to the new technologies of social media if you want to see any productive results. Trust me; I know it’s different from what you learned and how you conduct business as a PR professional, but PR practices will have to adapt to be more successful.

Next we need to focus on how many people should be working and becoming more familiar with social media practices. This is something that is definitely not a one person job; everyone within an organization should start to become familiar with social media practices. Now this doesn’t mean the VP of media relations needs to spend a few hours tweeting every day, but every member of a team should be encouraged to practice social media. The more people familiar with a concept, the more ideas can be discussed in a meeting atmosphere.

Finally, you need to make sure you get the basics down before you start to use cool flashy apps on your social media pages. Ask yourself, “Am I focusing enough of my social media efforts on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter?” These need to be taken care of before you start to use the apps.

All the instances discussed above are big mistakes PR people make. Hopefully we were able to help put these practices in the light for you and your organization. The main thing you should take from this is that you need to “engage” your customers. Get them talking and starting conversations, and then you will see a positive result very soon.

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