The ongoing 12 week social media battle between Facebook and Google+ continued to get interesting this week as both social media platforms flexed their social muscles.

In case you’ve been under a rock for the last twelve weeks, Google began beta testing their new social media platform, called Google+, about three months ago in an effort to continue to be awesome and relevant on the web.  Google+ is a feature-packed social media platform that allows users to add the people they know to “circles”, like family or friends.  You can also do an on-air hangout via a group video chat with any of those circles and pull in streams of articles on things that interest you.  These are just a few of the features that Google released on Google+ and that they’re continuing to improve.  In fact, over the last three months, Google has released 100 new features to its platform.

The 100th feature?  They’re open to the public!  Google announced yesterday that the proverbial flood gates are open and anyone can “join the project and connect with the people they care about”.  All you have to do to join is visit and sign up your account.

Out of the 100 features that Google+ has released over the last three months, Facebook is doing their absolute best to steal…erm…”copy” every single one of them, and to be fair, come out with several of their own new features.

Not to be outdone, Facebook announced yesterday that it is doing a complete redesign of their profiles and will be formally announcing it later this week at its f8 developer conference.  There aren’t many indications about what exactly will be changed on the new, updated profiles, but inside sources are saying that the changes are going to be “major”.

It’s expected that Facebook’s new updated profiles will be incorporating its new media platform, which is also going to announced at f8 this week.  This component is expected to keep track of what users are actually watching or listening to on a service such as spotify and then posting it on their profiles for their friends to watch or listen to.  This is a little too Big Brother for me. :/

There is also talk of making content on Facebook profiles more “sticky”, which would make people stay on their Facebook profiles longer.  Because we all need to spend more time on Facebook?!?

Other suggestions are that they will be getting more into social ecommerce, using special Facebook credits and that there may also be some moves in preparation for the new HTML5 mobile platform called Project Spartan, which is supposed to be launching soon.

With everything going on in the social media war between Google+ and Facebook, one thing is certain; this is a divisive battle of heavyweight proportions.   A social media civil war if you will.  As time goes on, you’ll see more people jumping off of the Facebook ship and moving to Google+.  Is there enough room for both to exist?  Will people use just one of them?  Are Facebook fiends going to have another addiction to feed?

What’s going to happen next?  Look out for Facebook’s big announcement and release of the new profile format tomorrow.  I’m interested to see what happens and how Google responds.

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