Web development and design is a constantly-evolving industry, but for years Trademark Productions has stayed ahead of the game. In the 20 years since Tim Berners-Less created and launched the internet’s first website, web development and design have gone from simple text-based sites to ones that can virtually do anything.

When the World Wide Web first came into existence, it was standard practice to create all sites using a text-base format. And while most of these types are gone, they were once the industry standard.

This is what Yahoo! looked like in the fall of 1996.

From there, Web development started to move forward faster and faster giving the user a more visually appealing interface. Web developers and designers took a step away from text-based sites and moved toward sites made of tables which separated the site’s content from its sidebar navigation, making websites easier to use and understand. This is also around the same time when GIFs, scrolling text, and other animations started to be used as Web development and design elements.

Let’s go back to the year 1996 for a moment when the world of design changed! Macromedia introduced Flash and changed how the internet would be designed and feel by enabling more advanced animations to be used. Although, it’s been 15 years since its inception, Flash is still being used today as a way to add animations to sites, especially by advertisers.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) also changed the world of design with its ability to completely separate the design from content. This brought design, not just content to the forefront. Companies could now make websites that were visually attractive on a level not seen before, but also have all the necessary content.

From text-based sites to Flash to CSS to HTML5, the Web is a consistently advancing landscape. But the TM Team is not only skilled in the methods and techniques of modern Web design, but also on top of all the latest Web development and design trends.

But what specifically can TM do to enhance your company’s website? A lot.

We offer several different services ranging from Web development and design and site rebuilding to SEO content writing and management. Whatever your company’s sites needs are, we aim to exceed your expectations. Let’s take a look at your site together and talk about how we can improve your site…the coffee is on us.

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